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Backyard Urban Squirrels: How To Get Rid Of Them For Good

Squirrels are creatures that have adapted well to living in urban environments alongside human neighbors. But, they often cause countless problems for unsuspecting homeowners both indoors and outdoors. When it comes to controlling squirrel populations and damage outdoors, there are … Continue reading

Effective Backyard Squirrel Removal Tips

In addition to entertaining antics, the cuteness of squirrels is often the only positive feature of these critters. Squirrels will often make a mess of potted plants and garden décor, causing tons of stress for homeowners. It is important to … Continue reading

Bats: The Good, The Bad And Why Removal Is Essential

Bats are remarkable animals that are more closely related to humans than rodents like rats and mice. While they are hugely interesting and very beneficial to the ecosystem and environment, they do have their downsides. Most of them are considered … Continue reading

Why Raccoons Thrive In Urban Areas And Why Removal Is A Must

Raccoons are animals that are not only incredibly intelligent but highly adaptable, creating high populations of them across the country. They have been able to move from being a wildlife creature native, to the country landscape, to leading successful urban … Continue reading

Having Mastered Urban Living, Bats Bring Danger

An unexpected bat in your home can be cause for a fright. Bat infestations are scary ordeals as these winged mammals are not animals you want to have in your home. There are ways you can protect against them and … Continue reading