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Scarborough Humane Wildlife Control: Raccoons are not Pets

When you are seeking a pet, the last animal on your mind should be a raccoon. Wild animals should never be converted into domesticated animal companions but unfortunately many people today are opting to do just this. They purchase baby …Continue reading

Why You Shouldn’t Be Feeding Wildlife in Winter

The winter is a rough time for animals just as it is for human beings. There are many reasons to fight the urge to feed wildlife in the winter. If you insist on feeding them this or any other winter, …Continue reading

Animal Control: What Problems do Sparrows Cause Homeowners?

As beautiful and appealing as birds can be, they can still present many challenges to property owners.. Additionally, like many other wildlife animals, birds can transmit diseases to people while also practicing nesting, feeding, and other habits which could sometimes …Continue reading

Woodlands Animal Control: Signs of a Raccoon in Your Attic

There are many advantages to living in an area that is also occupied by wildlife. You get to witness the amazing interactions as animals go about their daily business. The environment benefits as well since each animal contributes to the …Continue reading

Spotting the Signs of Baby Squirrels on Your Commercial Property

When squirrels move into your business without your consent or knowledge, the discomfort, damage, and health risks faced making their removal important. Unfortunately, removing squirrels is not so simple because squirrels that live in human-occupied settings are sometimes nurturing mothers. …Continue reading