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Hearing some strange sounds coming from your attic? It may be a raccoon family

Have you begun to hear strange sounds in the attic area of your home? Does it sound like walking or scratching? If so, you might have a raccoon problem. Raccoon removal services are a common need for homeowners as raccoons like to take up residency in attic spaces. Wildlife control experts are called out to homes on a regular basis once sounds emerge from the attic, usually to find a family of raccoons are now living in the home. But why the attic?

A mother raccoon inside an attic

Raccoons like attics for a number or reasons. The attic space of a home is usually void of people and provides materials that can be used to create a den. The attic is comfortable with warm temperatures, especially compared to the temperatures outside, particularly during the winter. Raccoons find attics to offer ample space and a great area in which to have their babies and stay safe from predators.

Raccoons are becoming more prevalent in urban centers as well as finding homes in towns and suburbs. Raccoons are nocturnal animals so they are often only seen at night. The creatures like to forage and find garbage cans to be a good source of food along with pet food and gardens. Raccoons that are well-fed in your neighbourhood will continue to come back time and time again for dining. In nature, raccoons will build their homes in a natural tree or hollows of rocks. They do not really work to create a den site. Because of this, raccoons have been able to find that attics along with sheds and chimneys make quality living spaces.

A baby raccoon being placed in a heated baby box so that it can be collected by it’s mother and relocated to one of her other den sites

If you are a deep sleeper, you may not notice a raccoon problem until an entire family is living in your home. Raccoons move around at night, so that is why it is common to hear sounds coming from the attic in the nighttime hours.

Removal of raccoons from the home is essential. Raccoons can be aggressive creatures plus carry diseases that can be harmful to humans. To avoid any health problems or close encounters with the creatures, a wildlife technician should be contacted. With raccoon removal service, you have an expert on hand who can remove the creature and ensure your home is raccoon-free once again.

The technician will arrive at your home and inspect the property. Signs of raccoons as well as possible entry points will need to be discovered. Once found, the technician will enter the attic and perform a hands-on removal. Any babies will need to be handled with care and placed in a warm container, removed from the home and set outside so they can be reunited with the mom. Any entry points will then be secured and repaired to prevent re-entry.

Overall, removal service is needed to ensure your home is not damaged and your family remains safe. Contact Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control whenever you have a raccoon problem in the home for quick removal service. We take great care to remove the raccoon from your home so you do not have to worry about this furry creature being your roommate!

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