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Is it a Mouse or Rat problem? How to get rid of rodents in your home

Rodents are never a welcome sight in the home. Every homeowner will encounter a mouse or rat from time to time and will need to begin rodent control to remove the pests. As well as ensure that the same creature does not gain access to the home in the future. For the novice, getting rid of rodents can be tough. You may not know if you are dealing with a mouse or rat and either way, have little luck in removing the pests from your home. With the help of the professionals, any rodent will be removed from your home and you can enjoy life without these pesky creatures running about and damaging your home.

Mice use holes cut from electrical and plumbing runs to get around inside houses

Mouse and Rat Infestations

Mice and rats often enter the home for a variety of reasons. Rodents have been known to live in homes to avoid predators. They may seek shelter within your home and then find that it is a comfortable place to begin nesting. Rats and mice also enter homes due to food sources. If you leave food out on the counters overnight or have open packages in your home, these creatures will sniff it out and enjoy taking advantage of the free food source. When you find that rodents have entered your home, wildlife control will need to be contacted. With professional services, the creatures will be removed and you will be able to avoid mice or rat infestations in the future due to preventative measures.

Rat activity behind a fridge

What Does Wildlife Control Do?

When you contact wildlife control services for your rat or mice issues, they will first provide an initial assessment of your property. They will be looking for signs of rats or mice, trying to determine where the creatures are going, where they are gaining access, where nests are located, etc. By learning their habits, the technician can then provide humane removal service.

Rats and mice tend to damage the home by leaving behind nests, chewed areas or urine/feces messes. Technicians will provide you with information on any repair needs as well as provide preventative maintenance. With preventative measures, the entry points that mice and rats were using to gain access to the home are cut off. This means rats and mice will not be able to access your home in the same manner in the future.

Rodents can easily manipulate their bodies to enter your home from even the smallest of holes. Trained technicians know how to spot entry points and seal them off so that these access areas are not a place where such creatures will enter your home.

At Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control, we offer quality rodent control services, including the removal of mice and rats. Let us take care of your rodent problems by contacting our office as soon as you spot these small creatures. After an assessment, we will offer you an effective plan to remove the mice and/or rats and get your home back to normal in no time!

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