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Animal Control: Learn More About Skunks in Milwaukee

They are pretty misunderstood and get a pretty bad rap, but Milwaukee’s skunks have more to them than meets the eye. Let’s take some time to look beneath the surface or should we say beneath the fur. When skunks cause you to implement animal control measures on your Milwaukee property you should let the true nature of the animals guide your decision.

Beyond the Stink


Skunks are more than the infamous bringers of pungent stench. They help to keep the insect population in check as they dine on bugs such as grasshoppers and beetles. They are naturally resistant to snake venom and sometimes eat poisonous snakes. Clearly, they serve an important role in the balance of the natural world.

Air Travel Vs Skunks and Other Wildlife


Sometimes the natural world clashes with the one created by people. This happens mainly because of the actions of people. One prime example is the establishment of airports next to or within zones occupied by wildlife. When an airport is located next to a zone in which wildlife animals live certain challenges arise. Despite efforts to keep the animals away from the airport terminals or tarmac, skunks occasionally will try and return. Airport technicians of course worry that if an animal gets onto the tarmac accidents could occur. The Wausau Airport in Wisconsin is among those whose officials are contending with the invasion of animals. The airport has been grappling with a skunk invasion issue in recent times. In fact, reports indicate that skunks are actually living in some of the hangars.

Proposed Solutions


Officials are currently trying to find a suitable solution and in the process have been communicating with key stakeholders such as the citizens who live in the neighboring communities. In November of 2018, these consultations became the subject of a news article published in WAOW.com. Among the suggested solutions is the animal control technique known as trapping. One trapping specialist has offered this option with the suggestion that after trapping (which would result in the death of the skunks) the animal’s fur could be removed and used. The proposal suggests that trapping be done in a targeted space which is a small strip of area located between the fenced portion of the airport and Lake Wausau. This is where the animals are believed to frequent before travelling further onto airport space and into the hangars.

Animal rights experts and animal lovers alike are opposed to trapping as it maims and kills animals. In addition, trapping is indiscriminate, meaning a trap can snag a pet, another untargeted animal or even a child. For the same reason, pet owners and animal lovers from the communities surrounding the airport have also voiced their opposition to the idea of trapping. Officials also have to consider that trapping is considered a form of hunting, which is prohibited by animal rights legislation.

How the Skedaddle Solution Could be the Optimum Solution


Humane wildlife control and removal provides safe and effective alternatives to harsh wildlife control measures. This could be what airports like Wausau need to get their skunk invasion issues under control. When humane strategies are applied, the wildlife population is spared the trauma of deadly control mechanisms such as trapping and culling and are given the opportunity to thrive. Additionally, the untargeted animals are saved from being unintended victims. Skedaddle offers the perfect humane wildlife control service for skunk control. With highly trained, experienced and skilled wildlife technicians, Skedaddle is well prepared to apply effective and safe removal and deterrent strategies to keep skunks at bay. This will be followed by the installation of cutting edge barrier technology to deny skunks and other wildlife access to the space being protected. With effective and safe animal control service on the ground, your Milwaukee property can remain wildlife free.

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About the author:Marcus is the owner and operator of Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control – Milwaukee. Born and raised in Milwaukee, Marcus combines the academic training (M.S. Wildlife Biology, UW Madison) with the field training and skills to be successful in resolving wildlife conflict for home and business owners.

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