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We're here to help throughout
the COVID-19 issue. Read More..

We're here to help throughout the COVID-19 issue. Read More..



Assess and Remove

We start by performing a comprehensive inspection of your home and use hands-on techniques to humanely remove unwanted home guests.

clear and clean

Clear and Clean

Then we go where the animals go to clear and clean the mess they’ve left behind.


Prevent and Protect

We identify potential points of entry and secure them to prevent future infestation. We offer a lifetime guarantee against re-entry on any serviced areas.



When I called to book an inspection, I was given a quick booking time. James M came within the window of time, called ahead and was professional upon arrival. He was able to assess the property and give me a plan of action! He was able to provide great solutions to the problem! I would recommend!

Julie Riegert

Squirrels in Markham


Squirrels are fast-moving little animals that scurry about your property finding food, building nests and performing their important jobs in the local ecosystem. They become a problem for homeowners, especially in spring and late summer, when seeking shelter to birth their litters or finding dens before the winter season. Squirrels are shy and intelligent creatures that mean no harm, but they sometimes cause serious and expensive damage to your property. Skedaddle helps you handle these industrious little animals all year long. Our humane and effective wildlife control techniques provide the best solutions to safely remove squirrels from your home in Markham.

Human residents aren’t the only ones enjoying the picturesque surroundings of Markham. You will notice red and grey squirrels as they move around in all different seasons. These bushy-tailed rodents do not hibernate. They fatten up before winter, so they can spend most of their time resting in a cozy retreat and only leave when in search of the food they’ve buried to maintain their body fat.

Females typically give birth two times a year and an average-sized litter is between three and five babies. Squirrel young usually remain with their mothers for 10 to 12 weeks before leaving the nest. A squirrel that wants to find a warm den or prepare a nest finds residential areas to be very welcoming places to shelter. All of their basic needs are met in one handy space which helps them conserve energy and feel safe from predators. They also find many materials to chew on to keep their front teeth sharp and ready for work.

Squirrels become dangerous houseguests when their chewing habits destroy electrical wires or do structural damage. At Skedaddle, our wildlife control specialists remove and exclude squirrels before they cause serious problems.

Squirrel Facts


Squirrel teeth grow around six inches each year.


Squirrels have an average lifespan of six years in the wild. They can live up to 20 years in captivity.


Squirrels are omnivores. While they are known to eat nuts and seeds, they are opportunistic diners and consume lots of different foods to survive.


Red squirrels are extremely territorial and even protect their personal space from members of the opposite sex.


The best way to keep squirrels from taking up residence in your home is with humane exclusion techniques. Humane wildlife control specialists will prevent future intrusions and keep squirrel families safe in the process.


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