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Put down the Poison and Opt for Humane Wildlife Control

Controlling wildlife on your property can be pretty challenging, especially if you live in Rexdale, where humane wildlife control companies frequently receive calls from concerned homeowners. When dealing with unwanted animals by yourself, it is always important to choose humane ways to remove them. At the same time, people usually opt for poison since this is the cheapest way to get rid of wildlife. But in addition to being inhumane to the animals, rodenticides can also be quite harmful to children and pets as well. More to the point – you aren’t doing anything to keep the animals from coming back and therefore, poison is only a short-term solution to the problem. If you want to know more about the pros of opting for humane removal and the cons of using poison, keep on reading.

Humane wildlife control has been proven to be more effective than traditional trapping.

How Does Poison Work?

Rodenticides are chemical substances that are used to kill rodents. These aren’t always successful and the animals can actually smell if something’s fishy. Therefore, if the smell of the poison bothers them, they won’t eat it. The setting up of all the baits requires a lot of work and can also attract other unwanted animals, causing even more problems. You’ll also see that the poison doesn’t always work that well. Sometimes, the animals won’t consume enough which will cause a slow death and a potential dead animal in your house or on your property. You’ll have trouble locating the rodent and the longer it sits somewhere in your house, the more bacteria and disease will be spread. Also, don’t be surprised if the rodent doesn’t completely die from eating the poisoned bait since this can occur as well.

Why is it Dangerous to Everyone Around?

Aside from not being reliable, poison can be very dangerous to everyone around it. Children and pets can be seriously harmed or even killed by these chemicals. This happens when the poison is accidentally ingested, meaning that there isn’t a safe place where you can put the poison after you use it. There’s always the risk that a child might get a hold of it or that a pet might find the bait. You are also risking your own health with these chemicals, and even if you are wearing a mask and ample protection, the poison is strong and can make you sick. A lot of accidents with poison have been reported in Canada where children under the age of six were involved. This means that by using poison, everyone can be a potential target, not just the rodents. Since the whole ordeal can end pretty badly, there’s no reason to opt for the inhumane and dangerous way to remove the rodent. There are safer methods that involve humane ways of dealing with unwanted wildlife.

Choosing a Humane Removal Method Instead

Don’t be tempted by the cheap commercialized rodenticide that looks like the best option to get rid of rats and other rodents. First of all, using a poison is a very inhumane way to get rid of these animals. There’s also the problem of orphaned babies when you kill the mother. So, if you don’t want the nasty chemicals and dead rodents in hard-to-reach corners of your house, contact Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control. We are the premier humane wildlife removal company, with thousands of satisfied homeowners to prove it. We are frequently helping people in Rexdale, removing the animals and their babies by hand. So, if you recognize the hard work and humane approach that Skedaddle proudly uses, contact our trained professionals and you will be rodent-free in no time.

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