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We're here to help throughout
the COVID-19 issue. Read More..

We're here to help throughout the COVID-19 issue. Read More..

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  • Jay did a great job and performed a thorough inspection of my house to make sure all ingress and egress points were identified. Lukas and Sarah did a great job removing birds and squirrels from my house. It was sadly satisfying watching the squirrels and birds pulling at the mesh trying to get in!... Read More
  • Amazing service, very professional, fast acting and reassuring in a stressful situation. Harley did the assessment - very knowledgeable and friendly. Andy and Logan did the work on the house - they were so friendly and respectful, right on time, review the entire process with me before and after and... Read More
  • Sent Skedaddle a message on Friday night and received a call back the next day. Scheduled a visit for Monday. Kevin M called to announce he would comebe on his way to look at a wasps nest. Because it was under the flashing, he suggested a most effective way to get rid of these pesky things. Kevin w... Read More
  • Lucas and Andy quietly and carefully did their work and were respectful and thoughtful of all questions and concerns. And yes, much relief from knowing the problem had been examined and resolved from all angles. Thank-you so much for all your care!
  • We were very happy with the service provided by your company. Ben came over to our house very soon after we called. He gave us an excellent explanation of your process. The next day (today) Lucas, Damian and Colin showed up right on time and did their work in a professional and timely manner, exp... Read More