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Removing A Raccoon Family From Your Property Humanely

Keeping animal families together after their removal is something that should be a priority for all professional wildlife removal companies. The problem with raccoon removal, in particular, is that it becomes much more complicated if baby raccoons are involved. The process of removing babies from dens requires a lot of expertise and experience, which is why it is best done by trained professionals.

DIY Raccoon Removal Is Rarely Effective 

Some homeowners who are plagued by raccoons on their properties prefer the DIY approach. If you see the mother raccoon leave and decide this is the perfect opportunity to seal the hole she used, DO NOT be tempted to do it. This is actually the worst thing you can do. There are a number of reasons for this:

A mother raccoon and her babies tucked away in the corner of an attic

A mother raccoon and her babies tucked away in the corner of an attic

  • Even after her babies are born the mother will continue to come and go from the den site to forage for food
  • If a mother is locked out from her babies, she will do whatever it takes to get back in
  • This can include chewing and ripping apart siding, shingles and other materials that would have otherwise been kept undamaged
  • It is crucial to continue to allow the mom the freedom to come and go from the den site for her babies. Ultimately, this makes it easier for professionals to handle the removal process. 

The Professional Approach To Removing Raccoons From Your Home

Understand that most baby animals are completely immobile for several weeks or months after birth. When babies are found down chimneys, under porches or inside attics, the only way for professionals like Skedaddle to remove them humanely and safely is by hand. The reason for this method is that it is effective and safe for the babies. Skedaddle technicians then place the babies inside a reunion box along with the insulation from the den.

The reunion box is heated and placed near the entrance to the den so that the mother raccoon can find her babies. Why use the gross insulation from the den, you ask? Because it not only keeps the babies warm but also allows the mom to pick up the scent of her babies and find them more easily.

A Skedaddle technician placing a baby raccoon in a reunion for it's mother to collect later that night

A Skedaddle technician placing a baby raccoon in a reunion for it’s mother to collect later that night

The Skedaddle Way: Babies Are Left To Be Relocated By Their Mom 

There is much more to humanely removing raccoons than you might think. Like many other wildlife species, raccoons usually have a number of different dens throughout a particular neighborhood. Once technicians remove the babies from the current den and place them in the reunion box slightly away from the den entrance, momma raccoon must exit the den to retrieve her kits. This is when Skedaddle technicians will seal off the den entrance for good. As a result, mom will have no choice but to relocate her babies to one of her other dens nearby one by one. Ultimately, it is inhumane and also ineffective to relocate and separate a mother raccoon from her babies.

Professional Raccoon Removal Is Always The Best Option 

There are many benefits to contacting a professional wildlife control company to remove raccoons from your property or home. Particular advantages to having Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control take care of the problem are the humane approach and decades of experience. Skedaddle technicians are both highly trained and experienced in solving all manner of wildlife infestation problems. Contact Skedaddle today and have the professionals help you with your wildlife problem reliably and effectively.

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