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Removing baby raccoons from a basement ceiling

Baby Raccoons Wreak Havoc

This amazing footage was shot by our team during a raccoon removal last year in Oakville, Ontario. A mother raccoon had gained access to the basement ceiling through a ground level ventilation system found on the home. Oddly enough, raccoons weren’t the first animals to find their way into the home through an open venting structure.

The 9-inch diameter of this vent opening was enough to allow both red squirrels and raccoons into the home

The 9-inch diameter of this vent opening was enough to allow both red squirrels and raccoons into the home.

Prior to raccoons, the open vent was allowing red squirrels to nest inside the basement ceiling’s duct work. The red squirrels simply followed the warm air blowing from the home and decided to make themselves comfortable inside. Raccoons don’t store food inside their den sites and the pine cones seen in the video are a sure fire indicator of red squirrel activity. The squirrels were storing food inside the duct work, eventually causing it to tear open, allowing them access to the basement ceiling.

Urban wildlife species have been successful in part because they are opportunists. Raccoons are probably the best of example of a species that has consistently been able to adapt and survive in changing environments. So when a mother raccoon happened upon the red squirrel nest it wasted no time displacing the previous tenants and making herself right at home.

As with most problems around the house, it is important to act quickly before things get out of hand. Humane wildlife control is no different. In this case, the homeowner delayed their call to Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control in hopes that the problem would sort itself out. Unfortunately things went from bad worse when one raccoon became five.

With the duct work destroyed and the babies well hidden between the ceiling and the floor the only way to get them out was to cut holes in the ceiling. We then reunited the babies on the outside of the home with the mother who we scared out of the ceiling earlier. The vent opening was them permanently secured to prevent any future wildlife intrusions. The homeowner had to hire an HVAC company to come in and repair the damage to the basement ventilation system.

What’s the lesson here? Don’t let animal infestations go unaddressed for long. A small mouse problem in your house can quickly attract squirrels – with raccoons not far behind. It’s also important to solve raccoon problems before babies arrive to prevent additional property damage.

Call Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control to remove raccoons from your attic this spring! 1.888.592.0387.

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