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Commercial Bird Control


When birds of a feather flock together things can get pretty messy for business owners and property managers. Sea gulls, Canadian geese and pigeons are among the most prolific offenders when it comes to damaging property and merchandise in commercial settings. Not only are they a nuisance for clients and staff but their nests and droppings can create unsanitary workplace conditions. When it comes to bird control there is no one-size-fits all solution. The species of bird, their location and nature of their behaviour must be taken into account to deliver effective results. Our team of experienced professionals work directly with our clients to understand their needs, resolve their bird problems and let them get back to business.

Identify & Eliminate

The first step in solving a nuisance bird problem is a thorough property assessment. Birds can nest and gather in countless locations in and around commercial buildings and structures. Common problem spots include roof ledges, balconies, HVAC systems and exposed beams, but every site is unique in terms of design and function. Understanding the exact nature and scale of the problem helps to ensure that we implement the ideal solution for our client’s site. We use only humane bird removal techniques and deterrents to clear the site of unwanted visitors.

Clean & Control

Once the birds have been removed it’s time to clean up the mess left behind. Bird droppings are not only unsightly, they are also highly acidic and can cause permanent damage to building materials and merchandise. Accumulations of bird droppings need to be handled and removed with care as inhalation can lead to harmful respiratory illness. Our technicians have the training and equipment needed to safely remove and disinfect surfaces that have been contaminated by bird droppings. We can also remove nesting material that can also present a hazard when introduced to HVAC and water drainage systems.

Monitor & Protect

There are countless products and deterrents available to help protect your business against nuisance birds. Knowing which ones to use and having the experience to deploy them effectively are critical to long-term success. Skedaddle’s bird control experts combine their knowledge of bird behaviour with over 30 years of experience installing commercial-grade bird deterrent systems. We offer a complete range of solutions including bird netting, bird wire, visual deterrents and strategies for modifying your property to make it less hospitable to birds. No project is too large or complex for Skedaddle’s team of bird control professionals.