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Pest Control for SilverFish


Silverfish are light coloured teardrop shaped insects ranging from 12-19 mm long, with three long bristles on their back ends. They are capable of surviving in most climates, but prefer dark, damp areas like basements, attics, kitchens and bathrooms. They are also attracted to damp paper and clothing, such as cardboard stored in garages or sheds. Silverfish are destructive in their feeding habits, often ruining papers, clothing, and sometimes wallpaper. Silverfish often make their way inside homes through boxes, containers or clothing, or by cracks, torn screens or small gaps in door frames. While the health risks associated with silverfish are mild, they can trigger an allergic reaction in humans, attract other pests or cause damage to household items, making them an unwanted guest within your home. For quick, effective and safe silverfish treatment, contact the experts at Skedaddle Pest Control.

Identify & Eliminate

Silverfish live and breed in damp areas around the home like basements, bathrooms and closets. They breed quickly depending on the species, laying anywhere from a few eggs per day to clusters of up to 20 eggs at a time. Homeowners often find silverfish on bathroom floors, within bathtubs and showers, or within kitchen or laundry room sinks. Based on their location, the size of the population and the number of populations found within the home, Skedaddle technicians will determine the best course of action and develop a custom pest control plan to eliminate them. It’s important to remove all signs of silverfish to properly eliminate an infestation. Skedaddle technicians will use the findings of our property assessment in and around your home to identify signs of active and growing silverfish populations, and use a number of pest control techniques to eliminate them.

Clean & Control

Controlling silverfish can be difficult without the proper training and experience. It is important to act quickly to avoid populations from growing and destroying your clothing, wallpaper, and storage. The presence of silverfish can be unnerving for home and business owners, and a large enough silverfish population must be addressed with a whole home approach. Disinfecting and removing all visible adult silverfish and any eggs is an important step in Skedaddle’s process. Using a combination of repellant, moisture control, and sealing the home against future entry by closing off any small cracks and crevices, we can quickly restore a pest free environment for your family.

Monitor & Protect

Keeping silverfish out of your home or business is an ongoing process. One visit is usually not enough to eliminate all possible insects, or any eggs that may not have hatched yet. Silverfish are active during different times depending on the season, weather, and environmental factors, making repeat visits necessary to create a pest free home. Skedaddle Pest Control offers a full four season pest protection plan to keep insects away all year round.