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Pest Control for Sow Bugs


Sowbugs, sometimes called pillbugs, potato bugs, or roly polys, are flat, oval shaped pests averaging around 1 cm long. Their bodies are segmented, with seven pairs of legs and two pairs of antennae. Sowbugs thrive in moist environments and feed off organic material. They are often found in garages or damp basements, entering through ground level doors and windows. Mulch, plants and leaves often attract sowbugs to a structure, providing shelter and warmth. Sowbugs aren’t known for biting or stinging humans, but they can become an issue when their population is left to grow without intervention. The presence of sowbugs indoors often indicates a high moisture environment, leading to a number of other issues including mildew, wood rot and a good breeding environment for other insects. Eliminating sowbugs requires a combination of proper maintenance, prevention techniques, and Skedaddle’s customized insect treatment plan designed specifically for your home.

Identify & Eliminate

While the presence of sow bugs may not be an imminent threat on its own, growing populations can indicate a larger issue for homeowners. During Skedaddle’s initial inspection, rigorously trained technicians will identify where the sowbug populations have manifested, and more importantly, why. By identifying these factors, our technicians can create a custom treatment plan for your home. After eliminating active populations using a number of different techniques, we are then able to prevent future issues by sealing any cracks or holes, and reducing moisture to discourage future infestations.

Clean & Control

Sowbugs are found in moist, humid areas around the home including basements, garages, gardens and gutters. For the homeowner, maintaining these areas is integral to prevent sowbugs from returning. While Skedaddle Pest Control will control the population with environmentally safe perimeter insecticide spray, caulking any cracks and crevices and pest proofing your home, the most important pest control is be done by the homeowner. will prevent future sowbugs from entering the home. Removing window planters, disposing of excess vegetation and trimming back bushes next to the home can also help reduce moisture. Checking all doors and windows to ensure they are weather proofed, as well as garage and shed doors.

Monitor & Protect

Repeat visits are helpful to protect your home against any long term damage. Skedaddle’s Four Seasons Pest Control program allows us to monitor your property throughout the year, eliminating pests before the issue grows. Sowbugs are most active in the spring and fall, but will often move indoors as the weather becomes too hot or too cold in the summer and winter. Professional year-round monitoring reduces the risk of re-infestation and protects your home from future pest issues.