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Skedaddle Houston Will Remove Raccoons Humanely From Your Home

Due to the rapid growth and development of the greater Houston and Galveston area, it is more and more likely that residents will be forced to interact with some forms of wildlife. While wildlife tends to be a valuable addition to people’s lives most of the time, it can also be particularly intrusive. Wild animals are a part of the natural environment shared with humans, and one must keep that in mind at all times. For example, among the many wildlife species that plague Houston residents, raccoons are one of the most common animal intruders. Keep in mind that humane raccoon removal services in Houston are best left to experienced professionals. Keep reading to learn more about one such company.

What Kind of Wildlife are Houston Residents Facing Exactly?

It is safe to say that the entire state of Texas is brimming with ample wildlife species, with the city of Houston being no exception. Home to one of the most diverse and densely populated ecosystems in the state, Houston is where you will be able to encounter an animal no matter where you set foot; be it the lush forests and bayous or the hard concrete urban areas. In fact, it is a pretty common occurrence for an alligator to simply glide down a bayou with absolutely no regard for the traffic speeding alongside it or the curious observers taking pictures of it from the bridge above. Some other common wildlife species that find a home in this great city are:

  • Skunks
  • Bats
  • Raccoons
  • Bobcats
  • Foxes
  • Coyotes
  • Alligators
  • Snakes and reptiles
  • Bobcats
  • Opossums
  • Armadillos
  • Deer
  • Rats and mice
  • Squirrels
Raccoons will begin to eat more as they prepare for winter.

Wildlife That can be Particularly Troublesome for Houston Residents

It is unpleasant to have any animal invade your home or property, but some can be more dangerous than others. These include raccoons, skunks, bats, coyotes and foxes, and the reason why they must be removed from your home immediately is that they pose a health risk to humans. Namely, each of these species can transmit rabies to humans through a bite, which means that the mere fact that one of these has found their way into your home or property means that you need to take steps to remove them immediately. The worst part is that these animals can also transmit rabies to dogs and cats, which means that not even pets are safe. In the event that you notice any of these wildlife species present on your property, you SHOULD NOT attempt to get rid of them by yourself. Instead, get in touch with a wildlife animal control professional that specializes in humane wildlife removal.

Looking for an Experienced and Reliable Wildlife Control Specialist? Get in Touch with Skedaddle

Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control is the premier raccoon removal specialist in Houston. The company has been in business for nearly three decades and have helped more than 200,000 homeowners to date. The most impressive thing about Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control is the fact that we not only specialize in humane wildlife control but we have also pioneered a number of humane wildlife removal techniques and methods. Skedaddle technicians use a hands-on approach when it comes to wildlife exclusion and removal, which means that wildlife babies are always removed by hand and then reunited with their parents at an alternate location.

Additionally, Skedaddle doesn’t stop at humane removal; we also perform cleaning & clearing services including sanitization, as well as re-insulation of the damaged areas and even future-proofing against re-entry. All of this makes Skedaddle a trusted partner for keeping your Houston home safe and secure, so get in touch with us today and ensure your family is not at risk of rabies.

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About the author:Bill is the owner and operator of Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control – Houston. Graduating from Sam Houston State University, he spent most of the next years in residential property development, building, running subdivisions and mobile home parks.

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