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Skunk Breeding Season: How To Keep Your Home In Mississauga Protected From These Animals

Skunks are widely known as very tricky critters to deal with. This goes especially for when they find homes near humans. When it comes to striped skunks, their mating season is February through March. The Mississauga area traditionally becomes very affected by skunk activity every year during mating season. That is why professional animal control in Mississauga is a very common concern for many residents.

Skunk Signals Across Your Property

The most obvious sign that you are plagued by skunks and that you might need professional animal control services is the smell. It is far more likely that you will smell a skunk rather than see one because they are primarily nocturnal. Small and shallow holes in your lawn are a sign of a skunk digging for insect larva and grubs. Damage to the lower leaves or ears of ripening garden crops is also an obvious signal if skunk activity in your yard and so are muddy paw prints left behind on concrete or paving stones. You’d be wise to keep the doors closed on all outbuildings as skunks will occasionally wander into or under a shed or garage.

Female skunks give birth during spring and their litters can contain between 4 and 8 babies.

Female skunks give birth during spring and their litters can contain between 4 and 8 babies.

Mississauga Animal Control: Getting Rid Of Skunks

During winter, skunks spend long periods inside their dens inactive. This can make their removal difficult. It is essential to try to remove them in the fall before the ground freezes. In addition, a number of extraction techniques may be required because skunk dens are often hard to access. There is little chance that capturing the adult will solve the problem, and it is extremely important to follow humane procedures when dealing with wildlife. The babies can remain hidden in an inaccessible area of the den, which further increases the need for animal control in Mississauga.

Trapping Skunks Is Never The Answer 

And here is why:

  • Trapping and relocating an adult during breeding season can mean you are leaving baby skunks in the den by themselves to die.
  • Once relocated, it is probable that other animals will come and discover the empty space the skunks previously lived in. If the area was appealing to one skunk it will appeal to others in the future and you could be back at square one in no time.
  • Without skill and experience there’s a strong chance you or your vehicle will get sprayed during the relocation.
  • Trapping usually puts an animal under huge stress. It can hurt itself while desperately trying to escape, not to mention you as well.

Protecting a deck from skunk intrusion by burying heavy gauge screen in the ground.

Animal Control In Mississauga: Skedaddle Is The Answer

Protecting your Mississauga home and property against skunks is best done with professional help. When it comes to experience on the job, your safest bet is Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control. They have been in the business for almost three decades. Skedaddle technicians are trained in using only the most humane and effective skunk removal techniques available. In addition, they also proof your home against re-entry so you never have to worry about another skunk again. Sanitization and clean up goes without question, so contact Skedaddle today if you are struggling with a smelly skunk problem.

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