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Why Mice Traps Are A Bad Idea

Walk in to any hardware store and you’ll see a number of products that are intended to rid your house of mice. These include sticky glue traps, spring-loaded snap traps, and poisons as far as the eye can see. The … Continue reading

Why You Should Think About Wildlife Prevention

We often hear from people who call our company to say, “this raccoon keeps coming to my house!” or “squirrels are always in my yard, I’m worried they might get into my attic!” 100% of the homes we visit have … Continue reading

What Keeps Wildlife Coming Back

Much like humans, wildlife enjoy warm, safe, quiet homes. A raccoon doesn’t know (or care) that an attic belongs to a family home, and the damage it caused to live in the roof will cost the homeowner dearly to fix. … Continue reading

Mice & Weep Vents

A Word about Weep Vents This amazing footage was captured using a night vision camera that we set up over a mouse entry point. It shows just how easily mice can freely come and go through a brick home. If … Continue reading