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Bat Control—Discover more about Professional Wildlife Removal

Bats are a creature found in many residential areas, having been seen flying around streetlights or even homes. Bats commonly take up residency within the attic area of a home as temperatures are consistent and the environment is conducive to … Continue reading

Bats in your House: Essential Solutions

Bats are mammals and warm-blooded creatures that can be seen flying around during the night time hours. The nocturnal creatures are known to use caves and dark spaces as their home base, often times taking up residency inside the attics … Continue reading

Eliminating Squirrels From Your Attic For Good

Squirrels are easily recognizable creatures that homeowners see each and every day. Squirrels take up residency in neighbourhoods filled with trees and enjoy making a home in an urban setting. While trees are usually the home base for squirrels, attics … Continue reading

Essential Methods to Avoid a Skunk Attack

The skunk is one of the most recognizable animals living in North America, due to its black and white colouring and strong odor. The species is known to use their odour as a defensive spray that is so strong smelling … Continue reading

Helpful Pest Control Approaches for Dealing with Mice

Mice have long been a problem for homeowners. Most every individual has dealt with a mouse problem in the home at some point in time. Mice are annoying pests that leave behind feces wherever they go as well as get … Continue reading