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Ajax Animal Control: Are Bats in Cities?


Bats are commonly associated with dark caves, spooky woods and abandoned mine shafts, but as their natural habitat comes under increasing threat from human invasion, bats are finding new ways to survive in urban environments. And for homeowners in Ajax, this could mean bats finding their way inside your home. When this happens, getting in touch with an expert bat control company will be your only option. Here are some facts about the bats in our area.

Bats Must Adapt


Adaptation is a key element of survival for many species and as urban sprawl becomes a common problem throughout the world, more and more animals are adapting to life in the city, and bats are no exception. These clever flying mammals have learned to make the most of their surroundings and are becoming a familiar sight in cities worldwide.
One would naturally assume that when bats move to the city, they seek out familiar habitats but that does not appear to be the case. According to researchers, bats living in cities do not necessarily favour parks, instead of many of them appear to spend their days in residential areas bordering on city parks and can often be found in houses, sheds, and large garden trees. This gives them access to the three things that they need for survival; food, water, and protection from predators.

Why we Should Appreciate Bats


Bats are necessary for the maintenance of a healthy ecosystem but the many myths about them often lead to fear and misunderstanding. Bats are not aggressive bloodsucking rodents that get tangled in your hair and infect you with rabies. They are clean, gentle, intelligent mammals that eat large numbers of insects and play an important role in the pollination of various plant species. They do not smell unpleasant and are meticulous about keeping their fur clean and well-groomed. The smell that is often associated with bats in a home is due to the accumulation of droppings and urine below their roosting site.

Bats consume a large number of mosquitoes and other night-flying insects and this makes them useful to have around but that does not mean you want them residing in your home. If you would like to encourage bats to live on your property as a natural form of insect control, you need to install bat houses in your garden. Bats will not move from your warm, safe attic to a bat house without significant encouragement. If you’ve been waiting for the bats to leave your attic on their own, it’s time to get in touch with the bat control experts in Ajax.

Importance of Bat Control in Ajax


In the wild, bats roost in caves and crevices where they have access to water and food and are safe from predators, but urban bats need to adapt to their surroundings and will form colonies in homes and buildings, enjoying the shelter and consistent temperature that your attic provides. These colonies can vary greatly in size, causing extensive damage to your home and posing a risk to your health. If you suspect that you have a bat problem you need to call in the experts, like Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control, to do a thorough inspection of your home and safely remove any bats from your attic.

Skedaddle technicians know what to look for when identifying bat entry points and are trained to spot even the tiniest hole that a bat could use to get into your home. Once our technicians have located the bat colony, they will ensure that the entire community is removed humanely and that no babies are left behind. To prevent bats reentering your home, we will seal up all entry points with an exclusion sealant that can fill even the tiniest gaps, cracks and holes. We will also thoroughly clean your attic, remove any contaminated material and replace damaged insulation.

As our cities grow, our interactions with bats will only increase. By having Skedaddle prepare your home with our proven bat control methods, the resident’s of Ajax can rest easy knowing that their home is bat free.

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