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Woodlands Animal Control: Raccoons have Many Talents!


Raccoons are known around the world for the havoc they wreak on human spaces and property. These cunning little animals seem to always find ways to outsmart and outmaneuver human efforts to keep them controlled. In the Woodlands area, animal control teams usually have their hands full with wildlife invasion issues but raccoons are among their most frequent encounters.

Raccoons have found the secret formula to thrive in environments that are so modified by human beings that wildlife existence is threatened. Their opportunistic and flexible living and eating habits have played a significant role in helping them achieve this feat. They eat a wide variety of things ranging from vegetable matter to meat. Much of the waste that is created by human activities (including fast food leftovers) is edible to raccoons. This is why they often rummage through garbage disposal sites.

In the wild, they prefer to live in hollow trees since the dark, warm and damp environment offers them great protection and comfort. In human spaces, they take up residence in drain pipes, basements, attics, and chimneys as these spaces mimic the environment of their ideal homes in the wild.

Raccoon Interaction

Raccoons- Leaving the World Stunned by Their Shenanigans


Raccoons have left scientists and wildlife experts intrigued by their strange human-like behavior. This behavior has made raccoon control difficult even for the professionals. The notorious bandits of the natural world have been caught (even on video at times) opening raccoon-proof bins, toppling bins that were designed to secure and prevent this. Climbing contraptions were also installed to keep garbage out of their reach among other things.

Raccoon Damage


Raccoons are quite thorough in their search for food. They will demolish any obstacle that stands in the way of their survival, be it in the search for food or the quest for a living space. Their sharp claws rip through soffits, insulation, wood, and even plastic. They work under the cover of darkness since they are nocturnal animals and have excellent night vision abilities. This is why, historically, raccoon damage has been relatively unrecorded. Property owners are usually surprised in the mornings as
they wake up to the sight of raccoon onslaughts on their property.

It is therefore not surprising that a woman in Houston (Clear Creek to be exact) has claimed that the animals have damaged her vehicle. The story emerged in the click2houston online news outlet on October 24, 2018. The woman’s car has apparently suffered at the teeth of raccoons who may have been chewing into the wires, rendering the vehicle unusable.

Of course, in addition to the mischief they create, raccoons are carriers of various diseases. These diseases (such as rabies, distemper, and parvovirus) may be passed on through their biological waste, parasites or their bites (for those who get close enough). This makes them undesirable wildlife for human spaces. It also makes raccoon prevention and removal of an important priority for property owners.

Want to Keep Raccoons at Bay? Try the Experts’ Way


Since raccoons are such tricky animals to handle you should allow the experts to help you to deal with them. For Woodlands residents, Skedaddle offers a very efficient suite of animal control services that will help to get your raccoon invasion situation under control. The wildlife technicians at Skedaddle are familiar with the abilities and habits of raccoons. Additionally, they have been handling raccoon invasions for many years making them proficient in this area. The Skedaddle approach to raccoon removal and control is humane as the animals are relocated in keeping with applicable regulations. It
is also thorough as the technicians follow an assess, remove, protect and prevent protocol.

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About the author:Bill is the owner and operator of Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control – Houston. Graduating from Sam Houston State University, he spent most of the next years in residential property development, building, running subdivisions and mobile home parks.

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