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Baby Season in Montreal

Spring has arrived in Montreal and after a cold start to 2015 the sun is finally shining and all that snow has finally disappeared. As temperatures warm up and spring flowers sprout you’ll begin to see more wildlife activity in your neighbourhood. Birds will be chirping, squirrels will be scampering and you might even begin to smell a skunk or two.

Spring is the busiest time of year for wildlife control professionals as raccoons, squirrels, skunks and birds search for places to have and raise their young. Unfortunately for Montreal homeowners that could mean expensive damage to your home and property.

To help keep your home free of wildlife and pests this spring it’s important to take the time to inspect your house for signs of damage or vulnerability. Getting ahead of any wildlife issue is the best way to avoid future headaches and pricey repairs.

Here’s what to look for:

Decks, Porches and Sheds

It’s probably been a while since you’ve walked around your deck or visited your shed but each of these common property features make for popular den sites for raccoons, skunks and groundhogs during spring and summer. Be sure to check for signs of digging right next to your porch, deck or shed. Animals love to pull away the soil around the structure and tuck themselves underneath. Once inside, they find a cavity of perfect size to raise their babies.

When it comes to skunks, allowing them to den close to your home can be a recipe for disaster. If a skunk sprays or dies below your deck or porch their powerful odour can easily spread into the home. A family of skunks on your property also means an increased likelihood of having your pets sprayed.

A very active raccoon entry point below a deck. Look at all those paw prints.

A very active raccoon entry point below a deck. Look at all those paw prints.

Maintain Trees and Shrubs

Squirrels and raccoons are excellent climbers and very easily find their way on to roofs to gain entry into attics by way of tree branches, shrubs and vines. Trimming and maintaining tree limbs and shrubs is an excellent way to make it harder for raccoons and squirrels to get on to your roof.

If gutters fill with fallen leaves and pine needles it prevents rain water from flowing properly and can accelerate the deterioration of your roof. Rotted fascia, shingles and roof board are easily taken advantage of by wildlife. Regularly cleaning you gutters is especially important in older neighbourhoods of Montreal with lots of mature vegetation.

Eliminate Food Sources

Urban wildlife populations thrive on the abundance of food sources found in cities. Take a walk around your home to make sure that your garbage, compost and garden are not helping to attract raccoons, squirrels, mice and skunks to your property. Many Montrealers love to put out bird feeders but it’s important to remember that any feed that finds it way on to the ground will also attract mice and squirrels to your property.

Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control is Here to Help

We’ve been removing and excluding nuisance wildlife from Montreal homes and businesses since 2002. If you suspect that your attic, chimney, deck or shed is home to a family of wild animals then give us a call. Our wildlife specialists have the experience and equipment to keep your home safe against unwanted guests and all of our workmanship and materials are backed by a lifetime guarantee.

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