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North York Wildlife: Discover More About the Animals of Ontario


Ontario is home to many species of wildlife. On a daily basis, they scurry, fly, and crawl around as they follow their instinctive drive to survive. A spinoff effect of their activities is the maintenance of an ecological environment that we call home. In their quests they are oblivious to our perceptions of them but unfortunately, to the detriment of these animals, many of us are misguided in how we interact with wildlife. In order to keep the wildlife community alive and thriving, a humane wildlife removal strategy should be used on North York properties.


North York’s Wildlife Community


Each animal in North York plays a role in creating and maintaining the beautiful scenery we enjoy. Each species also has some unique features which are truly special and sometimes under appreciated. Whether you are looking at the skunk, squirrel, raccoon, coyote, or any other of the region’s wildlife citizens, there is always more than what meets the eye… and some of it is pretty awesome too.

As you move around North York, one of the wildlife animals you’re sure to encounter is the squirrel. While the downside of squirrel presence includes raided bird feeders and property damage, no one can deny the cuteness of these furry foragers. Their antics as they scurry from place to place gathering and hiding their precious nuts also make great entertainment for those who pause long enough to watch. Squirrels are responsible for much of the greenery that we admire, which is the result of forgotten stashes of seeds and nuts germinating. Yes, we definitely owe them a debt of gratitude for their reforestation work.

North Yorkers are also very familiar with the skunk but most people think of the stench of their offensive spray when they think about this animal. But there is so much more to the skunk than we recognize. One little acknowledged fact about skunks is that they are helpful for pest control. Those holes that they dig in your lawn are actually a result of their hunt for the lawn and garden pests which they eat.

The raccoon is also a common wildlife resident of the North York region. Notorious for aggressively ravaging garbage bins, raccoons are definitely considered nothing more than a nuisance by most people. But the truth is that there is much more than meets the eye with nature’s bandits. For one, they have been able to outmaneuver pretty much every human effort to keep them away from domestic refuse. This has led to the numerous scientific quests aimed at determining whether these animals actually possess a type of human intelligence.

What to do When You Cross Paths With North York’s Wildlife


You should definitely avoid direct contact with wildlife animals. If the animal has entered your home (most likely this will be in the garage, attic or chimney) do the best you can to avoid that section of the building and get the experts on the scene. A great team for you to use in this situation is Skedaddle. Skedaddle’s wildlife control services are humane, in keeping with wildlife protection legislation and effective. These animals are just as entitled to North York’s natural resources as human beings are and they contribute more to preserving planet earth than people do. North York is a pretty amazing place. The wildlife animals help to keep it that way. Let’s play our part in keeping the place amazing by ensuring that we only use humane strategies to handle wildlife conflicts when they emerge. Start to make a difference in the preservation of our region’s natural treasures by committing to only using humane wildlife removal on your North York property.

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