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Eliminating Squirrels From Your Attic For Good

Squirrels are easily recognizable creatures that homeowners see each and every day. Squirrels take up residency in neighbourhoods filled with trees and enjoy making a home in an urban setting. While trees are usually the home base for squirrels, attics and soffit areas can also be a comfortable place to create a nest. The height keeps squirrels safe from predators and provides a warm and dry place during bad weather. However, most homeowners do not wish to see squirrels living in their attic!

Squirrels chewed through this rubber plumbing vent collar to gain access to the attic.

Once squirrels have gained entry into your home, they will begin to take over the attic. Insulation and other components of the attic such as wood, aluminum and plastic will be destroyed as squirrels like to chew with their powerful teeth. Squirrels also breed two times a year so two litters of babies could be born in your attic which means even more squirrels to deal with.

A plastic roof vent cover chewed by squirrels.

You will notice signs of squirrels in your home if you hear activity in the walls or ceiling at night. If you actually see a squirrel in your home then you know for sure that you have a problem! Eliminating squirrels is not an easy task and something that should be left to the professionals. Wildlife control experts know the proper way in which to remove squirrels so no harm comes to the animal.

Squirrels will gain entry into the attic via small holes they find or make in the roofline or walls of your home. To prevent squirrels from entering such holes need to be closed off. Any entry point will need to be sealed in some manner so that squirrels cannot get into the attic and make a new nesting home. For vents or other areas that need to stay open for usability, wire mesh can be used. The mesh will block the squirrel from entering your home but continue to allow the function of the vent. Any areas where the squirrel could gain access will need to be covered in order to avoid providing an easy entry to the animal.

Take a look at the trees near your home. Are there limbs that provide access to the roof? If so, have these limbs trimmed back. Giving access to the roofline via tree limbs is like an invitation to the squirrel to come on in!

Process of Removal

When you notice squirrels in your home, it is time to take action. Contact wildlife control and a technician will provide a quality inspection to assess where the squirrels are gaining entry. A quote will then be provided for services rendered and the humane removal process begins. In most cases, one-way doors are used to allow squirrels to leave your home and prevent re-entry. Babies and juvenile squirrels too young to use a one-way door will have to be removed by hand.

To learn more about squirrel removal services or to schedule an appointment, contact Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control today. Our company can provide quality technicians to help you with a squirrel infestation problem, easily removing the creatures and allowing them to relocate themselves to a new home.

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