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Houston Wildlife Control: Ensuring All Squirrel Litters are Removed


There are many reasons to admire squirrels. They are adorable in their element. Their cute little faces seem to be filled with wonder as they scurry around foraging and clandestinely stashing food for later. Squirrels aren’t so much fun when they invade your space though and when baby squirrels are involved the situation gets a lot more tricky. In fact, this is when Houston wildlife control companies become your best allies.

Handling Squirrel Litters in Your Home


Mother squirrels opt for building spaces like attics as nursing nests because they are ideal in terms of safety and comfort. Baby squirrels are immobile for the first few day and during this time they are blind and have no fur. It is when they start becoming a little more independent that your building suffers. When young squirrels start to develop independence and their natural instincts kick in they wreak havoc on the space they occupy. This means a lot of feces and urine deposits and physical damage as they use building parts and fixtures as sharpening tools for their ever-growing front teeth.

The solution seems simple at face value. Remove the squirrels and seal off the access points to prevent future infestations. It is really that simple until you realize that the squirrel litters you did not detect are still inside the sealed area.

Squirrel litters are born in two periods. Many people don’t realize that after one squirrel birthing phase, there is usually another one. Squirrels actually have two mating seasons –one in the winter during mid-March to early April and and another in the summer. If you are not aware of this, or if you forget, you may make the mistake of not expecting a litter of squirrels to be in your building during the summer. This is one reason behind the accidental trapping of baby squirrels. Another reason is the presence of two litters at the same time but the detection of only one. With expert wildlife technicians on the job, you can be assured that no surprise litters are left inside.

Consequences of Baby Squirrels on the Wrong Side of the Barrier


Inadvertently trapping baby squirrels inside a space results in the poor defenseless animals suffering and eventually dying. If the space is an indoor one (like an attic, for example) just imagine the discomfort you and others will face when the odor of the dead animals start to seep through the building. Of course, the bad odor isn’t all you’ll want to avoid. There is also the health risks associated with biological decay taking place inside your home to consider. You may end up having to undo all the sealing work in order to remedy the situation. The ultimate goal is to prevent this from happening by removing the baby squirrels humanely with the help of expert wildlife control.

Why Not Let The Experts Take Control?


With expert wildlife services like Skedaddle on the job, your Houston property can be safely and effectively converted to a wildlife-free zone. You don’t have to worry about harming baby squirrels when you have efficient, humane wildlife control technicians like those at Skedaddle on the scene. Our experts conduct thorough examinations to detect all baby squirrels and safely remove them. They are then transferred to a specially designed reunion box. The reunion box keeps them comfortable and safe until the mother squirrel arrives to retrieve them.

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About the author:Bill is the owner and operator of Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control – Houston. Graduating from Sam Houston State University, he spent most of the next years in residential property development, building, running subdivisions and mobile home parks.

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