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February: The Month of Love

This time of year love is in the air. February is the month of love, with people celebrating Valentines Day on February 14.

Humans aren’t the only creatures on this planet who feel the need to “get a little closer” this time of year — urban wildlife are spreading the love as well, and this can create some potentially annoying consequences for homeowners.

Many urban wildlife species, such as raccoons and squirrels, take up residence in homes across North America during the year. Unless you’re aware of this in your own home, or you take immediate action, the situation arises where these wildlife start mating in February and by the time March rolls around, you’ve got a full-blown love nest in your attic.

The following are just a few of the issues that can arise from allowing wildlife to live long-term in your home:

  • The introduction of ectoparasites into the living space (they hitch a ride in the animals fur).

  • After mating season you have kits, or babies, living there, which increases the mess and makes it more difficult to solve the problem.

  • The mother typically cares for the babies full time, which means constant coming and going from an entry hole somewhere on your home.  All this moving around results in more noise and damage.

  • The longer wildlife are allowed stay in your home, especially your attic, the more damage they will cause to you insulation. Over time, they will reduce its effectiveness resulting in higher home energy bills.

If you suspect there are animals living in your attic, shed, or other structure on your property, don’t take chances with DIY methods. Call Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control, who can assist with everything from prevention to clean-up.

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