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Gardening Habits That May Be Inviting Rats to Your Home

Whether you’re looking to grow delicious vegetables, or create your own floral haven, rats can get in the way of your summer ambitions of growing a beautiful garden. If you’re not careful enough, your garden could draw dozens of rats. These rats could damage the plants, contaminate the garden, and even try to enter your home. To prevent such an unfortunate outcome, you should look into some of the bad habits that might be contributing to rats in your garden.

Rat found near the garden.

Rat found near the garden.

Habits to Drop When Gardening

Every person has their own gardening routines. It is the process as much as the result that people enjoy, finding it both soothing and relaxing. As you’re caring for your garden though, you could be unintentionally attracting rats. Here are some of the common gardening habits that are attracting rats:

Leaving a messy garden overnight – No matter how much work you did in your garden during the day, make sure to clean everything up in the evening. If you leave piles of leaves and grass behind, rats will hide inside them, as they naturally stroll around during the night. Once rats learn there are spots in your garden to hide, they’ll refuse to leave.

Leaving unsecured compost bins – Composting is a great way to nourish the soil, but also to attract rats. Understanding why the smells of decaying food draw rats isn’t exactly science. For safe composting, call a wildlife control expert to secure the composting bins. They’ll install and secure screens at the bottom of the bins to ensure that rats aren’t able to reach them.

Leaving sources of standing water- Constant water present in your garden will draw rats, especially during summer droughts. If you’re keeping spare water supplies, make sure to close the lids on barrels and buckets. Avoid having puddles of water form on your property by ensuring proper drainage. If you’ve drawn rats into your garden, it could also be because of the water build-up inside the rain spouts and in your basement. If you suspect that there are water leaks that could be drawing pests onto your property, contact a Skedaddle wildlife control expert to inspect the property and install humane preventive measures.

Leaving fallen fruits and nuts on the ground – You may like a wild-looking garden, but rats will smell the easy-to-reach foods and rush to your garden for a free snack. Pick up the fruits and nuts that fall off trees. It will give your garden a polished look while protecting it against rats. There are numerous ways in which Skedaddle wildlife control technicians secure and adjust the gardens to not draw rats. We use only humane and safe methods, such as screening and fencing.

Can’t Get Rid of Rats From Your Garden? Skedaddle Provides Humane Wildlife Control

Skedaddle offers effective services to keep your garden free from rats or any other pests. If you suspect wild animals in your summer garden, our wildlife control experts will assess and diagnose the situation on your property, after which they’ll implement a strategy to exclude and prevent rats from entering your property.

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