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How to protect bulbs from squirrels

Autumn is time to start planting bulbs for next spring. It’s best to begin by getting them in the ground before first frost. They’re available in many different garden centres and stores. Always plant them soon after buying. Hopefully next year you’ll have a large garden filled with beautiful blooming plants – that’s if you can keep squirrels away.

Here are some helpful tips to protect your bulbs this fall.

Mix bulb varieties between one squirrels love and hate

Squirrels are attracted to specific things. Like anything else they have likes and dislikes. Mixing different sorts of bulbs can prevent squirrels from digging them up. For example, squirrels like to munch on Passionales. It’s fine to plant these types, but search for something to counteract pests. Mix in some Narcissus and Hyacinth. Both are beautiful and hated by squirrels.

Plant them in layers

Squirrels will only dig so deep. The lower you plant bulbs the more difficult it is for squirrels to get their paws on them. However the deeper you dig the longer it’ll take for the plants to bloom. Make sure the soil drains. Pour water over it and make sure it disappears.

Make area look disturbed by other wildlife

Put compost or leaves over the surface where bulbs are planted. Squirrels are less attracted if it looks disturbed. They may think the bulb has already been eaten. Or maybe a predator is close by searching for his own meal. Squirrels love fresh excavation.

Squirrel diet

They will generally eat most types of plants, nuts, seeds, pine cones, fruits, fungi and green vegetation. Any of these can be found in your backyard which attracts pests to come dine. Sometimes if squirrels are really hungry they’ll consume meat such as insects, eggs, small birds, young snakes and smaller rodents.

Squirrels can be persistent and difficult to stop. If you live in a neighbourhood with lots of squirrels then it’s not just your garden you should be worried about. Squirrels like to make their home inside houses and attics.

Squirrel prevention tips

  • Seal holes and cracks in outer walls and roof.
  • Remove food sources.
  • Maintain garden from overhanging branches and bird feeders.
  • Commercial and natural repellents.
  • Call a professional.

Burlington squirrel control

Squirrels can quickly become a nuisance. The last thing you need is a reliable food source close to your home. Bulbs are optimal targets for a meal. When the weather is colder they might search for a place to hide for winter. This could be your home. If you discover evidence of wildlife intruders contact Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control.

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