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Keep The Mice Away This Fall

The fall season is upon us once again and with it, many homeowners will soon begin to see the signs of unwanted visitors they might have forgotten about during summer. Every fall there is a dramatic increase of mice infestations throughout Canada; while many are faced with this issue for the very first time, the fact to the matter is, in most cases, fall mouse activity is a recurring problem. Wildlife removal professionals are always on call for such emergencies, and it’s no surprise fall is the busiest time of year.

The reason why the behaviour of mice changes in the fall is because the onslaught of winter means they’re forced to seek out safer environments, which most often turn out to be the homes of unsuspecting residents. At this time of year, mice are on the lookout for protection from winter, a reliable food source and a place to breed. Such motives are biological imperatives in their minds, and that means nothing can change this sort of modus operandi. However, there are several ways you can protect your home.

Mice entry points can be identified by staining and discolouration from their oily fur

Every home has dark corners in the attic or basement that are perfect nesting and food storage locations for mice. They will use anything and everything to make shelter, including cardboard boxes, magazines, clothes, old cookware – any kind of clutter, really. Getting rid of clutter and tidying is the obvious solution. Mice are far more likely to find shelter in a basement or garage that’s filled to brim than one that’s clean and organized. Believe it or not, these everyday chores can greatly help hinder a call to an animal removal service – preventively speaking, of course.

Mouse droppings and urine can be dangerous to health and cause odour issues inside houses

Another thing you could try is to remove any food sources that are easily available for mice. These include things like spilled garbage, seeds, and nuts from trees, as well as bird feed. You could reduce mouse activity by keeping your property tidy and removing food sources, as the furry critters like to find shelter close to reliably available snacks and things to nibble on.

Then there’s the obvious choice – the presence of a predator acts as a powerful deterrent. If you don’t have a pet and are, at the same time, plagued by a mice problem, a cat is the ideal solution. If you do own a pet, however, think things through. Perhaps natural mouse repellents like bay and mint leaves are a better choice.

Lastly, preventing the problem from the get-go is easily done by detecting and sealing gaps, cracks or holes mice could use to gain access to your home. Mice can actually fit through spaces as small as a dime, which is why fall is the perfect time to look around your property for such open invitations for wildlife. Remember – if you’re already faced with such a problem, you’re best off contacting a professional who can remove the mice immediately and with little hassle.

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