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Mice and your property value

Mouse and house are a terrible combination. During the fall mice search for warm shelter inside houses and attics. Your home makes the perfect place to settle down. Out of control rodent problems can have a huge impact on the value of your home. Repairs can be a costly.

Pest damage to your home is rarely insured

Although it’s a pretty common problem, insurance companies don’t insure homeowners for pest damage. Your home can be covered for damage from other animals, unless they’re classed as moth, vermin or insects. Some companies offer coverage but usually part of a more expensive package. These are add-ons to already costly plans. Mostly there’s little protection for homeowners with rodent destruction. However, issues that are consequence to an infestation can be insured, including fire or flood due to mice chewing on wires or pipes.


Mouse droppings on an attic floor.

Rodent devastation can go unnoticed

Most of the time mice and other pests are hidden. They’re in attics or walls slowly gnawing wood and drywall and tunneling through insulation. Having an undetected infestation is totally possible. Don’t be fooled by seeing only one mouse. There’s always more. It can be surprising to discover this kind of damage. Especially when trying to sell your home. It’s a huge expense to get the house back into a sellable condition. Mice can contaminate insulation, destroy walls and chew wood.

If these problems are discovered during a home inspection a buyer can negotiate an incredible discount. Regardless the price of similar homes, small mouse problems can see a significant drop in value. Studies have shown that properties with evidence of previous or current infestations sell for 9% less. Also, people buying a home may be deterred by the issue. Your home could sit on the market for an extended amount of time.


Mouse trails through attic insulation.

Damage caused by mice

  • Chew on anything for nesting materials.
  • Gnaw and burrow into walls and furniture.
  • Tunnel through insulation to make a nest or gather materials.
  • Chew on wires with a threat of fire.
  • Gather dry materials around electrical appliances.
  • Cause structural damage to any home.

Mouse droppings discovered in your attic could deter potential buyers.

Ancaster mouse control

A mouse infestation can decrease the value of your home. The damage can be a huge expense all at once. It’s best to control any problems as soon as possible.

Don’t let a mouse infestation hurt the value of your most prized asset. If you find signs of mice in your home contact Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control. We can remove mouse infestations and prevent them from getting back in. Our technicians can also remove dangerous droppings and soiled building materials to help restore your home’s value

Call today for effective mouse control! 1-888-592-0387.

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