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Mice Love A Warm Garage!

If you’ve ever had a problem with mice, you probably know that, while it’s possible to deal with one or two of them yourself, chances are you need to call in a professional rodent service in order to take care of larger populations or full-blown infestations. That being said, getting to know the animal might come in handy when attempting to deal with them personally. Garages seem to have a particular appeal when it comes to the furry nibblers, especially since they’re typically easy to get into under the door and because they offer both shelter and warmth and access to the rest of the house.

Mouse droppings inside a garage where the drywall meets the foundation

Mice were stockpiling bird seed behind this step inside the garage

Typically, the first place mice will go before continuing on to invade your home is the garage; if left unchecked, in mere months’ time you could be faced with a rodent infestation, which is just as bad as it sounds. Reasons why garages are so attractive to mice include things like ample nesting materials, access to pet food, food waste, bird seed and other edibles, clutter and warmth. It goes without saying that wherever mice appear, in the majority of cases professional rodent control must soon follow. And with good reason.

Mice can easily chew through rubber weather stripping to access garages

There are two ways to deal with a mice problem in the garage: one is preventing mice from entering the garage from the outside and the other involves sealing the garage interior so that they cannot access the house, both of which are best left to the professionals. Needless to say that the former is the preferred of the two options, and usually involves making sure the garage door fits tight to the ground, the weather stripping cannot be chewed and the exterior garage walls are sealed. This will keep your garage free of mice and protect the rest of your home as well.

Repairing or replacing a garage door isn’t always an option, and in some cases if mice can’t be keep out of the garage a professional rodent service can come in and seal off any entry points inside the garage to prevent them from accessing the rest of the house. Typically, these include gaps in the drywall and holes around utility runs, all of which are standard places rodent control professionals examine.

The latter, however, is only part of effective rodent control. Once mouse entry points have been identified, one-way doors are installed over top of them to allow the mice that are in the home to exit for food but prevent their re-entry. All food sources inside the home will have to be secured as well to encourage the mice to exit.

Either way, remember that there is no substitute for professionals who specialize in not only helping people get rid of infestations, but also doing so as humanely as possible. Regardless of whether your garage is home to one mouse or a couple dozen of them, it’s wise to act immediately, seek professional help and not risk disease spreading to your pets or family members.

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