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Moving? Look For Sights Of Infestation

Finding unwanted guests in your potential new home is unwelcome. In a lot of cases, inheriting a pest problem is enough to deter folks from purchasing a new home. Regardless of how impressed you are with the architecture, space or location of the home you’re viewing, it’s important not to ignore the signs of pests or wildlife listed below:

  • Spotting pest control products
  • Strange noises
  • Particular smells
  • Various openings or entry points
  • Known breeding grounds
Accumulations of mouse droppings inside an attic will contribute a musty smell to a house

Accumulations of mouse droppings inside an attic will contribute a musty smell to a house

Seeing Pest Control Products Is A Likely Sign Of Imminent Rodent Control Service


If you see pest control products in the home you are viewing, it could mean that the current owners are trying to deal with a pest problem. This is a very important sign that indicates there are probably rodents and other pests roaming around. Finding one can of bug spray or rodent control product in the home may be understandable. But finding pest control products throughout a house is a signal that there is a bigger problem at hand. Pay particular attention to the attic, garage and under sinks for poisons, traps, glue boards and bottles of insecticides!

Keep your Ears Open for Strange Sounds


While walking through a potential home, do your best to listen for any animal sounds. It is difficult not to notice the sound of pests rummaging around. Common sounds include vocalizations, gnawing and scurrying across ceilings and scratching in walls. Because small rodents can squeeze into small spaces, the most likely spots to hear them are behind walls, in ductwork and in the attic. Critters can be tough to spot behind walls and in the attic so in many cases you have to rely on your ears. If you can, stop every once in awhile during your tour and keep your ears wide open it could save you a lot of headaches in the end.

Unsealed utility connections into the home are a highway for mice

Unsealed utility connections into the home are a highway for mice

Rodent Control Services Need To Be On Your Speed Dial If You Pick Up Particularly Distinct Smells


Smell is an even more obvious signal of hidden pests than sound. While touring through a potential new home, you might catch a scent of something strange. It is important to remember that each type of pest gives off a recognizable odor. You might not recognize the species, but it’s important not to ignore the smell or hope it will go away on its own. Rats, for example, are said to smell like ammonia, while mice smell like musty urine. A colony of bats inside the attic will also contribute an ammonia smell to a home. Wildlife control specialists who deal with pests day in day out are often able to identify which species you’re dealing with by smell alone.

Keep An Eye Out For Obvious Entry Points


Rats can typically fit through a hole the size of a quarter, and mice only need a hole the size of a dime. Because not all pests need a big hole to get inside, rodent control is likely going to be on your to-do list if you spot such entry points during your tour. Look for holes around electrical boxes, pipes and vent areas. Spotting damage around these areas is a sure sign that pests are frequent visitors.

Mouse droppings and shredded bathroom tissue below a bathroom sink

Mouse droppings and shredded bathroom tissue below a bathroom sink

Always Check Known Breeding Grounds To See Whether You Will Need A Rodent Control Professional


When it comes to their known pest breeding grounds, it has to do with simply knowing where to look. Birds, mice and rats will use any available material to make a nest. Mosquitoes and other bugs and insects, on the other hand, find cozy nesting spots at pools of water around the home. Signs of hidden pests are often most obvious in the nooks and crannies of cupboards and attics. If you find piles of shredded cardboard and paper, the home likely has a pest problem. Because rodents are often brave and like warm spaces, it is not uncommon for them to build nests behind appliances as well, so double check that.

When it comes to professional rodent control services, rest assured that Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control is the way to go. If you encounter a wildlife infestation in your new home, do not hesitate to contact Skedaddle and benefit from their nearly 30 years of experience in the field. Let the professionals take care of the heavy lifting and you can focus solely on making your new home the home of your dreams.

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