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Oshawa Skunk Control: Thriving in an Urban Setting

Oshawa skunks, like many other wildlife species, have adapted to life in human settings. The absence of natural predators, availability of food and laws protecting wildlife have combined to provide the regions skunks with the right environment to thrive. As a result, the skunk population of Oshawa has increased over the years triggering a greater need for skunk control. For humane methods of skunk control, Oshawa residents must seek out advice from the professionals.

Predator Free Environment

In the wild, skunks are preyed upon by larger animals such as the Great Horned Owl, and to a lesser extent coyotes and foxes. These animals do not thrive in cities and this means one less threat to the skunks living in urban environments. Skunks are also protected by laws which prevent the killing of these animals.

Skunks will remain active all year round.

Food Galore

The city is a great place for skunks because of the availability of food. Skunks are omnivorous, meaning they will eat just about anything. In the wild they have to live on the meat of small animals, fish, berries and fruits, along with some vegetation. But in the city, their diet becomes much more broad. Skunks eat food in the city’s garbage disposal sites, pet food stored in garages and whatever the city’s green spaces have to offer. This is why skunks damage so many lawns digging for bugs beneath.

Skunks and Your Property

For property owners, this means that skunk encounters have become a part of life in Oshawa. If you encounter a skunk though, it’s best to keep your distance. Slowly retreat from the general direction of a skunk to avoid startling it because when a skunk feels threatened it will release that infamous foul-smelling spray. You also want to avoid close contact with skunks because of the potential of contracting a disease.

You can keep skunks away from your property by reducing the number of attractions that make them want to visit. Consider changing your garbage disposal habits (this may also keep other wildlife away as well). You could also use more sturdy bins which help to keep wildlife out.

Skunks also thrive in colder temperatures.

The Skedaddle Solution

By choosing expert services for skunk control, Oshawa residents can keep skunks away from their properties for good. Skedaddle’s expert technicians have extensive knowledge of animal behaviour along with years of experience. We focus on skunk removal and exclusion through three stages. Stage one is a detailed assessment of the area. During this evaluation, our team determines the extent of an existing infestation (if necessary) and the protection needs (possible access points and the attractions that pull skunks to the property). Stage two involves the thorough removal of all skunks and any leftover mess they created. Then we build your skunk defenses to prevent invasion of your home. These defenses may include barrier technology and the installation of skunk repellents. Our lifetime guarantees also ensures that your home is protected for years to come.

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