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Preventing Raccoons From Taking Control of Your Ajax Home


Raccoons are part of life in Ajax. These masked bandits can be found throughout the country and many have taken to city life. Urban dwelling raccoons are here to stay, and we need to learn to live alongside them. But this does not mean inviting them into your house and treating them like a pet. Raccoons are still wild animals and they need to be treated accordingly. Which means keeping your home protected with effective raccoon prevention strategies.

Raccoons are becoming more and more comfortable around humans and many are choosing to live in our homes. But unfortunately, they are not good at sharing their space and once they move in, they consider your home to be their home and will stand their ground if disturbed or threatened. In rare cases, this can lead to clashes between you and your unwanted houseguest. And once the battle lines are drawn, you could be in for a long hard fight. Raccoons are not considered to be aggressive animals and do not make a habit of attacking people, but they are cunning and resourceful. If you do not take the appropriate measures to protect your property, they will find ways to access your home and wreak havoc.

Learning the Ways of Raccoons


Raccoons like food and our scraps and leftovers are the perfect fast food for these masked marauders. As omnivores, raccoons will eat almost anything and well-fed urban raccoons, with a reliable source of food, will live longer and produce larger litters than their rural counterparts. This means that urban raccoon populations can increase rapidly, leading to conflict with their human neighbours. In Ajax, raccoon prevention is better than removal and it is up to us to act responsibly and minimize their access to fast food.

Never intentionally put food out for raccoons or other wildlife and do not leave pet food outside overnight. The masked bandit is a nocturnal animal and if you do not have a secure garbage container, try to keep it indoors if possible. Your garden can also attract raccoons and it is important to have your lawn treated against white grubs to prevent raccoons from digging it up. Also, pick all fruit and vegetables as soon as they’re ripe and store your compost in a secure bin.

Proper Home Maintenance is Key


The harsh Canadian climate can take its toll on your property and raccoons will quickly identify any weak points and structural deficiencies and exploit them to gain entry to your attic. The best way to keep raccoons out of your home is to inspect your property regularly, paying close attention to the roof and looking for any signs of rot and deterioration. As soon as you see any potential problems, act quickly and get repairs done immediately. This can save you a fortune in the long run.

Tree branches that overhang your roof are an open invitation to raccoons to come and have a look around. Regularly trim back tree branches and vegetation around your home to prevent raccoons from easily gaining access to your roof. A determined raccoon will climb almost anything, but you don’t want to make it easy for them. Make sure that roof vents, soffits, and chimneys have appropriate animal proofing and also check that ground level entry points below decks, sheds and porches are secure.

If you do have raccoons in your home, it is best to call in the wildlife removal experts, like Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control. We have the experience to safely and humanely remove raccoons and clean-up their mess. We will also install raccoon prevention measures that will keep your Ajax home protected for years.

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