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The Proper Time to Remove Bats from your Ajax Home

Bats are amazing animals. They occupy a special place in the world of natural wonders as the only mammals that have the ability to fly. Additionally, they are voracious insect consumers with a single brown bat being able to devour up to 1200 insects in just one day! But this doesn’t mean that people will not have problems with the flying mammals. When faced with bat intrusion problems, you should seek the help of animal control experts to clear your Ajax home.

Winter Brings Bats Home…To You!

Since bats hibernate in the winter, this is when Ajax residents will find the winged animals inside their dwellings. They are typically perched and almost motionless in attics, garages and prefer lofty points.

Bats become problematic when they fly into human dwellings. On a few occasions, bats may rouse from hibernation and fly around but they soon return to hibernation.

A few species may hibernate in domestic spaces but most bats prefer to establish their hibernating colonies in caves or abandoned mines. In Ontario, two species hibernate in homes. They are the Little Brown Bat and the Big Brown Bat. In the winter, the Little Brown Bat relocates to caves to hibernate while the Big Brown Bat remains in buildings.

The Importance of Bat Removal in the Spring

Bat removal in the winter is not ideal because it disturbs the natural cycle of the animal. The best way to have a bat free winter, therefore, is to prepare for their arrival and take steps to deny them access to your space. During spring, humane bat removal companies can install one-way doors to allow bats to exit the building and prevent them from returning. After confirming that no bats remain inside, the barrier technology can be installed. These barriers include caps placed on chimneys and vents to keep bats out.

Getting a Bat Out of Your House

Bats are among the wildlife animals that can transmit diseases such as rabies to people and pets, it is important that you exercise extreme caution when dealing with them. If a bat is flying around in your home, your initial action should be to open windows and doors in order to allow them to fly outside. If this is happening at night, it is a good idea to turn off the lights outside and flood the inside with lights. This is because bats are accustomed to flying around in the dark, not in the light and as such, they will gravitate to a dark area. You should, therefore, try to either block off dark sections of the house or flood them with light. Another option is to close the room that the bat flies into and keep it that way until help arrives.

If this fails you may try to use gloved hands, a plastic container or a gentle net to catch the bat. After capturing a bat you must immediately contact animal control authorities so it can be examined and your exposure to viruses and bacteria assessed.

The Importance of Humane Treatment of Bats

The humane approach to bat control is essential as these animals are facing annihilation from numerous threats including the white-nose syndrome, a disease that has decimated thousands of Canada’s bat population. Since bats serve the crucial roles of controlling the insect population and aiding in the maintenance of green spaces (as they inadvertently sow seeds while flying around) there is no doubt that they should be protected and treated humanely when they come into conflict with the human way of life.

Expert Solution, The Best Way to Resolve a Bat problem

For humane and effective bat control services Ajax residents should consult the experts at Skedaddle. While Skedaddle does not advocate winter relocation as it puts the animals at risk, our technicians may be able to help you to keep the animals contained and minimize their impact on you and your family for the winter. Our wildlife technicians will also recommend waiting until spring to remove the bats and then take measures to keep them out. When spring comes around, we will remove bats through the use of humane strategies.

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