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Protecting Your Commercial Property From the Birds!

Whether you are the owner of a commercial building or a manager of one, you know how birds can be a pesky problem. Nesting and roosting birds can cause damage to the roof as well as cause fires within electrical signage, block ventilation systems and leave behind droppings that can stain and carry disease. This is just a short list of how birds can cause health and property damage issues! It is important to learn how to protect your property from bird infestations including contacting bird control for assistance when needed.

Why Birds Choose Commercial Properties


Pigeons, starlings, and sparrows are birds that are often considered pests because of the frequency with which they nest within commercial buildings. Such birds need a place to be protected from predators on the ground and be close to a food and water source.

Most commercial buildings meet the requirements birds need to survive. With electrical signage, birds find warmth and security to build nests. An AC unit on the rooftop of your building will provide the same shelter and comfort. High ledges are ideal roosting sites as they provide vantage points to help them see predators coming. Birds leave droppings everywhere they go and staining on building exteriors can give employees and customers the impression that your business is unclean or poorly maintained.

Stay Proactive

If you are a building manager or owner, know that you must stay proactive in order to avoid a bird infestation. Birds are going to use your property in some form or fashion. With a commercial building space is available for large gatherings of birds. By being proactive, you will be able to keep birds away. Bird exclusion methods can easily work to prevent birds from calling your building home.

Bird Spikes

One option for exclusion is to install bird spikes on the rooftop of your building. These spikes come in varying widths and can be placed on narrow surfaces for maximum coverage. The spike strips are easy to install and work well to create an uncomfortable space for birds. Birds will no longer want to land on your roof as they cannot find a good foothold.

Bird spike can be used to prevent birds from roosting on surfaces

Bird Netting

Another option to use to keep birds away is known as bird netting. The heavy-duty netting will be installed in areas such as attics or semi-open structures. The mesh netting will create a physical barrier to ensure the birds are unable to reach areas where they would create a nest. The netting is near invisible once installed correctly so you do not have to worry about an eyesore from the installation.

Netting is an excellent way to prevent birds from roosting below overhangs and will protect stock, equipment, staff and a customers from droppings.

Bird Wire

Another option is to use bird wire on the rooftop of your business. With this installation, a taught wire will be installed on a flat surface to prevent any birds from landing on the roof of your home. The flat surface of the roof is made uncomfortable once the wire is installed so the birds will no longer land in this area.

At Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control, we specialize in bird control including the installation of such methods as mentioned above. We can assist you in preparing your commercial space for a bird-free zone. With our help, your commercial building will no longer be affected by birds, creating an environment with no health-risks and no damage due to bird activity. Contact our office today to learn more about the bird control services we can provide.

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