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Rabid bat discovered in Woodstock

Rabies in Ontario is starting to get out of control. There have been 128 proven cases of the virus since December 2015. Found in raccoons, bats and skunks. Keep away from wildlife. You never know when they’ll bite. Rabies can be fatal to humans.

Rabies in Woodstock

The first case of rabies in bats for over five years was discovered last month in Woodstock. It was found after a local resident was trying to move the bat and was bitten. The person is receiving treatment through a series of five needles and two types of vaccines. The Oxford County Public Health department is recommending residents stay away from bats and other wild animals. Rabies is a real risk in humans. Bats can bite someone without them even knowing. Their teeth are incredibly sharp so they don’t leave much of a mark.


Bats have incredible small and sharp teeth that can make bites difficult to notice.

Rabies vaccine baiting continues throughout Ontario. Small tablets are dropped from helicopter for larger mammals to consume. It’s an attempt to reduce the spread of the virus. Baiting will extend 50 km out from each identified case of rabies. This includes nearly the whole region including large portions of eastern Oxford County. Unfortunately, there is currently no vaccine that can be administered to bats.

What is rabies?

A virus that causes acute inflammation of the brain. It’s spread through infected animal’s saliva entering the bloodstream. It’s nearly always fatal. Symptoms include:

  • Violent movements.
  • Uncontrolled excitement.
  • Fear of water.
  • An inability to move parts of the body.
  • Loss of consciousness.

Rabies prevention and safety

The best thing to do is keep your distance from wild animals. Especially wildlife you see acting in a strange manner. The virus can even be spread through infected carcasses. Make sure pets have all the appropriate vaccines to protect them and yourself. Also, keep an eye on pets when they’re outdoors. Rabies can spread very quickly. Always consult professionals before confronting or handling rabid animals.


Bats living inside an attic.

Hamilton rabies outbreak

A lot of the Ontario rabies outbreak began in Hamilton. It was discovered when a rabid raccoon attacked a stray dog in the back of an animal control van. The virus is thought to have come to Ontario from New York State through a hitchhiking raccoon.

Woodstock bat removal

Bats will get into attics through small openings in your roof or soffit. Watch for bats coming and going from your home. This could mean they’re roosting in your house.

Reach out to Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control if you believe bats are living inside your walls or attic. Homeowners living with bats are at a greater risk for coming into contact with the rabies virus. Skedaddle technicians have the training and equipment needed to remove bats.

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