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Raccoon Nesting Begins in Scarborough

In the dead of night, a clamour rings out as garbage bins are recklessly tossed aside. Scurrying little feet scamper to and fro disturbing the peace of the night. No it’s not Halloween. It’s raccoon nesting season in Scarborough.

Raccoon Behaviour

As the cold season approaches, raccoons and numerous other wildlife will be seeking refuge in warm sheltered spaces. Usually, this is nothing to be concerned about. Afterall, they are merely reacting to their natural instincts to survive. The problem is many times the refuge they find is in buildings inhabited by people. And since they don’t really hibernate, this spells trouble for homeowners. This is just one of the many clashes that take place between wildlife and people which has become a routine occurrence as each fall or winter approaches.

Raccoons are excellent climbers.

These nocturnal animals will be gunning for your attics porches and any other spaces where they can hunker down for the next few weeks. Once they have established their dens they’ll be stationed there for a couple of weeks, especially if they are nursing. And since they’re nocturnal, raccoons will be doing all their damage while you and your family sleep. Do not underestimate this damage as these animals will chow down on just about everything, from the garbage in your trash cans to the very fixtures and furniture in your home (especially wooden and paper products).

Raccoons and Your Health

Along with the nuisance of scattered garbage and general mayhem, raccoons bring a number of diseases. Chief among them is rabies which can be passed on to human beings either directly, through contact with the raccoons or indirectly through contact with a pet that has interacted with an infected raccoon. Raccoons are also carriers of other diseases such as Leptospirosis, E. Coli, and Giardiasis.

Given the health risks of contact with raccoons, it is highly recommended that you avoid all interactions with wild raccoons, including the ones that show up in your home. Instead, get trained and experienced raccoon removal in Scarborough to handle the situation for you.

The old adage prevention is better than a cure rings so true in this situation. And Skedaddle is equipped to provide you with the most efficient raccoon infestation service you can find in Scarborough.

With their claws, raccoons can grip and tear multiple objects.

Why Choose Skedaddle

With our expertise in raccoon removal, we know how to approach, remove and control wild raccoons that have invaded human residences.

Skedaddle specializes in humane wildlife control methods which means that you can rest assured that the safest and gentlest removal and control strategies will be used.

Our initial response includes a complete assessment of your property during which we identify the weaknesses that facilitate raccoon invasion and determine the extent of the infestation.  Then we get to work strategizing and executing a plan for the complete removal of the rodents from your space.

This service is complemented by our protect and prevent strategies which include removing all raccoon related biological evidence (like furs, carcasses, droppings and nesting material which often house raccoon-related diseases) and installing devices that will prevent re-entry. Our strategies remain effective for years to come and will also be backed by a lifetime guarantee. We will also work with you to implement day to day strategies and practices that will reduce or eliminate the appeal your home has for raccoons and other wildlife.

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