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Raccoon Sitting

Humane Raccoon Removal – A Day in the Life of a Raccoon


Have you ever wondered what it is like to be a raccoon? It’s not unusual for people who’ve had encounters with these cunning animals to have this thought. Sometimes the only way to truly understand the wildlife species we see every day is to step into their shoes – or paws. In fact, putting yourself in the raccoon’s position may help to understand the animal better and recognize why humane raccoon removal should really be the only option you consider when faced with a raccoon invasion on your property.

Life as a Raccoon


As a raccoon, you’d live a relatively carefree life. For starters, raccoons don’t need to worry about paying rent. You’ll be free to choose from one or more of the many abandoned holes to establish your dens. And guess what? You’d have many dens to switch between when necessary.

No need to worry about dieting today. When you’re a raccoon, you don’t worry about limiting your calories. In fact, you try to increase them as you’ll need to establish some fat stores to survive the winter. You’ll eat just about everything. The world’s trash bins are your buffet table and the offerings delicious! Food is always plentiful as human beings are always busy producing more and more garbage. But if you need to get back to your roots, you will have no trouble there either as fruits and vegetables are just as palatable to you.

Baby Raccoon in Forest of Leaves

Seasonal Behaviour For Raccoons


Your raccoon life will include seasonal behaviour such as a scaling down of physical activity during winter. You won’t really go into hibernation but will spend more time inside your cozy warm den and only venture out when it is absolutely necessary. You’ll also be actively mating during the late winter to early spring.

A Raccoon’s Day


Your day as a raccoon would be pretty quiet as raccoons are rarely up and about in the daytime. Unless you’re pregnant or out hunting for certain kinds of food, you’ll be resting in your den while the sun is up, primarily between the hours of 10 am to 2 pm. If you are a mother raccoon with new kits you’ll be busy with them during the day and only venture out of your den when absolutely necessary.

Raccoons Night Life


Raccoons are stars of the night scene. They are most active in the darkest hours which means being up and about somewhere between the late night to early morning hours. Incidentally, this is also
when most human activity is scaled down, giving the raccoons free reign over the spoils of domestic and commercial waste.

The Disadvantages of Raccoon Life


Swapping your life for that of a raccoon would reduce your life span to an average of 2-3 years with the possibility of making it to 20 years if you’re ‘lucky’.

Unfortunately, as a raccoon, you’ll also be exposed to the misguided approaches many people take towards your species. This includes the use of traps that cause psychological and physical trauma and poisons that can kill you. Inhumane novice removal strategies may result in pain and suffering and in the worst case scenario death.

Hopefully, this hypothetical day in the life of a raccoon has opened your eyes to the reality of their world and the true nature of the animals. If you have been so inspired, opt for humane raccoon removal and only use services such as Skedaddle that specialize in safe and animal-friendly removal strategies for your home.

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