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Humane Raccoon Removal Key to Coexistence

Animals like raccoons have found themselves in deeper and more frequent conflicts with the human way of life recently. A thorough examination of the situation will reveal that humane raccoon removal may really be the key to coexistence between people and nature’s cunning furry bandits. Pickering is no stranger to wildlife activity and one of the popular wildlife animals is raccoons. Raccoon removal is, therefore, a service commonly required by Pickering residents

Why Trapping and Killing are Ineffective as Raccoon Control Techniques

Raccoons, like other wildlife animals, play an important role in the preservation and maintenance of our ecosystem.  A chief reason they come into conflict with human beings is the fact that human settlement shave gradually encroached further and further into wildlife territories. Inhumane control methods such as trapping and killing animals like raccoons are cruel and unfair especially in light of the fact that the animals are simply trying to survive after having been deprived of their habitat.

Culling is known to trigger an automatic reproduction accelerating response in some species. Raccoons may respond in a similar fashion. Culling creates the additional challenge of discarding the animals that have been killed. Trapping is also cruel and ineffective as it often results in the animal being injured. An injured animal faces reduced survival odds.

Additionally, these techniques for animal control are restricted by animal rights legislation. Attempting to use them may result in you being in conflict with the law. Ontario laws stipulate that captured animals must be released within one mile of the place in which they are found. This law is aimed at ensuring that the animals are not displaced and are able to survive after being relocated. Unfortunately, this also means that the raccoons can easily return to your property.

Hurting the wildlife that finds themselves on your property in their bid to survive never solves your problem. The animals will simply be replaced by others who will take their place promptly.

The Humane Alternatives- Effective and Safe

The humane alternatives work because they help to keep all wildlife out. This includes those that are currently on the property as well as those that may approach in the future. The humane approach typically has two elements; removal and entry prevention. Humane wildlife removal includes the use of one-way doors that ensure that animals can leave but can’t return and the physical relocation of animals with special caution being taken where there are newborns.

Humane prevention includes the use of gentle deterrents to encourage animals to stay away coupled with the installation of barrier technology to deny animals the chance to enter the property.  One simple barrier technology you can install is chicken wire which is known for its ability to keep raccoons out of properties.

Struggling with Raccoons? Skedaddle to the Rescue

If raccoons are invading your space and you need a safe humane but effective solution, you should check out the services offered by Skedaddle. Our team of experienced and trained wildlife technicians will work assiduously to ensure that your space is cleared of all raccoons and that it remains that way in the future.

Our services include a preliminary assessment, designed to obtain a detailed report on the status of your raccoon problem. After the assessment is complete, our trained wildlife experts will apply their knowledge of raccoon biology and behaviour and experience in wildlife removal to your raccoon situation. To ensure that animals do not return, our technicians will install raccoon targeting barrier technology around potential entry points.  They will also help you to raccoon-proof your garbage disposal and pet food storage containers. Skedaddle is truly the perfect team to solve your raccoon removal needs in Pickering.

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