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Raccoon in Den

Durham Raccoon Removal: Raccoons Vs. Homeowners


Raccoons may look like they are wearing a mask, but the challenge they pose to Durham property owners is no secret. They ravage garbage collection sites and bins, spilling the contents in a fashion that results in an eyesore in the morning. Their adorable appearance does little to dull the effect of the inconvenience and damage they cause. This is why raccoon removal is such a high priority for Durham residents.

Raccoon Haven

Since Toronto has earned the title raccoon capital of the world (after a global crowning in the 2011 CBC program Raccoon Nation), Durham residents must be prepared to deal with these animals.  The title has been well earned since Toronto’s raccoons tend to be larger than others around the world and the region has a flourishing raccoon community (enabled by the abundance of food and shelter options in the area) that exceeds that of other regions as well.

Baby Raccoon in TreeRaccoon in garbage bin.

What Durham Offers Raccoons

Durham’s green bins are favourite targets of raccoons. Raccoons can’t get enough of the organic feasts they hold, which accounts for the numerous attacks against them in Durham. Sadly, raccoons have been dieting more on our leftover bits of burgers, french fries, pizza and donuts which is causing high blood sugar levels and obesity. This is one reason why we need to keep food secured and away from them. In addition to green bins, raccoons damage lawns when digging for food and buildings when making a den. And with countless decks or attics available for shelter, it is no wonder that raccoons are thriving in Durham.

Raccoon Control Strategies

In 2016 the city of Toronto went on a mission to control the raccoon problem. The solution was a 31 million dollar project geared at outfitting the city with raccoon-proof green bins. People had such faith in these green bins that they worried about the fate of the city’s raccoons. Wildlife expert Suzanne Mcdonald conducted a study to determine whether the city’s raccoons were getting smaller since the bin installation drive.

A few months after the launch of the new raccoon proof bins, video evidence of raccoons smartly getting them open-surfaced indicating that the animals had, in fact, outsmarted the bins’ technology.

Interestingly, Mcdonald, who specializes in animal behaviour, insists that the bins should be referred to as raccoon resistant rather than the more definitive raccoon proof. The improvements in bin technology may also be helping to sharpen the wits of raccoons since the animals devise new strategies for overcoming the obstacles that come between them and their food.

Like many GTA residents, the residents of Durham have a love-hate relationship with raccoons. They admire the animals but they also struggle to keep their garbage out of the reach of the savvy scavengers and often find their efforts thwarted each morning. Additionally, as long as the wildlife animals are around, they must constantly consider the potential for the transmission of diseases (such as rabies and Leptospirosis) borne by raccoons.

How the Experts Can Help You

Durham’s hope for raccoon control lies in experts like those at Skedaddle. Skedaddle’s wildlife technicians start the raccoon removal and control service with a detailed assessment during which we identify the areas that raccoons are targeting and the areas that could potentially invite raccoons. This information is used to guide a strategic approach to the removal and prevention strategies that follow. Removal is followed by clearing and cleaning during which raccoon related material is taken from the space and the area is cleansed. Finally, protective barriers are installed to keep raccoons out.

Don’t underestimate the shrewdness and determination of raccoons. Let the experts come to your rescue before the situation gets out of control. With the safe and effective raccoon removal services provided by Skedaddle, Durham residents can enjoy a raccoon free home.

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