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Humane Animal Control: Scarborough Home to a Variety of Wildlife


The ecological landscape of Ontario has been changing for the last two decades. Twenty years ago new species of wildlife ventured into Southern Ontario and clearly fell in love with the area because they decided to make it their home. The result? A growing community of wildlife previously not seen in the area. In order to preserve this new wildlife community and maintain the traditional one, humane wildlife control must be considered a priority for Scarborough residents.

The New Face of Scarborough’s Ecological Environment


Scarborough is the traditional home of animals such as raccoons, mice, squirrels, and possums. But some people have noted that about two decades ago, wildlife species new to the region started appearing. Among the causes fingered as triggers for this migration are habitat loss or manipulation and climate change. Some speculate however that the species being seen lately are not really new but existed previously in small numbers and have now begun to procreate more avidly and survive

So… Who Are The Newcomers?


Among the newcomers are coyotes which, in recent times, are being seen in greater numbers in both rural and urban settings.

The group of wildlife that seems to experience the biggest boom in new arrivals is birds. One species, wild turkeys were deliberately reintroduced and are now thriving. Other species such as common ravens, waterfowls, ospreys and red-bellied woodpeckers are arriving of their own volition and increasing in numbers. The bald eagle though is standing out among its fellow avian immigrants, with their antics during mating season grabbing the attention of bird watchers and wildlife experts alike.

Scarborough’s Residents and Wildlife Animals


The boom in wildlife populations will naturally translate into more frequent human-wildlife conflicts. In a bid to survive, many wildlife animals find themselves in human spaces. Unfortunately, these interactions provide the perfect opportunity for the transmission of diseases carried by wildlife to people and their domesticated animals. When wildlife animals enter homes and offices, their instinctive actions lead to damage that can be quite costly.

The Humane Approach – The Key to the Ideal Human-Wildlife Cohabitation Situation


If these conflicts are not managed humanely and effectively both people and wildlife suffer. Much DIY wildlife control and removal strategies include the use of dangerous tools or methods that result in danger to both the wildlife and others in the space. Chemicals, for example, are sometimes used and they are often hazardous to the health of the wildlife animals, the people who use them and other animals as well. With the humane approach, however, the animals are removed safely and relocated to appropriate wildlife habitats.

A key component of the humane approach is related to the treatment of wildlife offspring. Humane wildlife technicians operate with extreme caution when dealing with wildlife babies. In fact, before attempting removal or prevention strategies, humane wildlife control teams first ascertain whether babies are in the space. Extra caution is applied as babies are transferred to temporary environments that mimic their nests and are strategically reunited with theirs.

Why Choose Skedaddle for Your Scarborough Wildlife Control Needs


Skedaddle’s wildlife control services are guided by animal protection regulations. When Skedaddle’s technicians arrive at your property, their first course of action is to assess the situation and use the
result of this assessment to design an appropriate removal or protection strategy as may be needed. After wildlife animals are safely removed, the team proceeds to clear the debris left behind and clean the space with special formulas designed to kill bacteria and viruses. The final step involves preventing further invasions by installing humane barriers. With this detailed and humane wildlife control approach, your Scarborough property will be wildlife free for a long time to come.

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