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Why Squirrel Deterrent DIY Methods Aren’t Effective

It’s tricky business getting rid of stubborn squirrels and their families. Sometimes, the problem gets even worse if you employ do-it-yourself solutions. Before you try some homemade squirrel deterrent strategies on your own, here are some DIY techniques to steer clear of as they could cause more harm than good:

  • Sealing the squirrels’ entry point
  • Trapping and relocating
  • Bright lights and loud music
  • Ammonia and mothballs

Sealing The Squirrel’s Entry Point

Sealing any entry points you find around your home without previously making sure the squirrels are out of your residence is a recipe for disaster. The months between March and August are when the squirrels have babies and a mother squirrel can cause a lot of damage in order to reunite with her young. During winter and mating season, locking a single squirrel out of your home could cause others to die in your attic, creating odors and unsanitary conditions.

Before: Common entry point for squirrels as they seek higher ground.

Trapping & Relocation

Trapping and relocating problematic wildlife on your own can be a real nuisance. Potentially, there are as many as 50 or 60 squirrels per square kilometer. Even if you could magically remove them all, new ones would show up and take over the old nests. Here are some facts as to why trapping and relocating the squirrels isn’t the right solution.

  • Inhumane. Studies show that when animals are moved to a new environment, they have no idea where to find food and shelter.
  • Untargeted. There is no guarantee that the squirrel you just captured is the one that’s waking you up every morning. This just prolongs the problem.
  • Pointless. Even if you get the squirrel that is in your attic, a new one could just as easily move into your attic again. As long as your attic is unprotected, you will suffer the same fate.
  • Illegal. Laws often prohibit the moving of wildlife from certain distances. Moving them from one part of town to another can spread diseases.

After: Steel screen installed to prevent squirrels from entering the attic.

Bright Lights And Loud Music

You often hear that squirrels can be scared off with lights and music, right? Well, the amount of music you would need would cause more discomfort to your family than the squirrels. Additionally, it’s impossible to completely fill your attic with light. The squirrels easily block it out with mountains of isolation at their disposal.

Ammonia And Mothballs

Chemicals as squirrel deterrents are also very impractical. To have any chance of bothering squirrels, you would have to cover every inch of your attic with these dangerous and harmful chemicals. At that rate, you are more likely to endanger yourself than any animal you might have a problem with.

Looking To Get Professional Help? Get In Touch With Skedaddle

We all know how difficult it can be to get rid of boring and pesky squirrels. Skedaddle has been humanely removing and excluding squirrels from houses and apartments for almost 30 years. More than 200,000 homeowners can attest to the professionalism and dedication of Skedaddle’s expert technicians and their approach to each and every infestation situation. Get in touch with Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control today if you are looking to steer clear of unreliable DIY squirrel deterrent strategies and want absolute peace of mind, as well as a safe and well-protected home.

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