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Squirrels Taking Over The City, Don’t Let Them Into Your Home

Canada is home to several different species of squirrels that many homeowners consider cute and cuddly. Many squirrels living in cities have adapted to urban lifestyles surprisingly well. This has led to them becoming more robust and resilient than their forest-dwelling counterparts, as well as giving birth to young more often. All of this creates problems for Canadian homeowners who are struggling with an increasing number of squirrel infestations in their homes and properties. If this is your situation as well, remember that professional wildlife animal removal services are the best way to react.

Why Are Urban Squirrels So Troublesome? 

Eastern gray squirrels, in particular, have come to dominate the suburban and city landscapes through much of eastern Canada over the past two centuries. They were once an exclusively woodland creature native to midwestern and eastern North America. They are charismatic, curious, have a playful manner with a big fluffy tail, all of which made them appealing in the eyes of the humans who adored them.

Since then, squirrels have proven themselves to be incredibly adaptive to city life and their populations have surged. For urban adapters like squirrels, telephone wires act like branches and attics might as well be trees for building a nest. City squirrels also benefit from higher concentrations of food from more reliable sources than their forest cousins.

Where Did Everything Go Wrong?

Once kept as private pets, Eastern grays were easily tamed and were even imported by many North American cities to colonize public green spaces starting back in the 1840’s. People loved feeding them and it was thought that they would beautify parks. The main goal of such practice of importing these furry critters was that it was hoped they would inspire an animal-loving and moral character in local citizens. 

Today there are countless signs that the centuries-long experiment has proven incredibly successful in bolstering urban squirrel populations. This is obvious as urban squirrels are becoming more numerous, well-fed and less afraid of humans. Because they tend to be hardier and fatter, squirrels in suburban and urban areas are so healthy they will typically give birth to second litters every year. Unfortunately for homeowners the walls and attics of their house could be the nesting location.

A squirrel in a tree with a full cheeseburger

A squirrel in a tree with a full cheeseburger

Some scientists even speculate that the reason why squirrels have managed to hang on and thrive near modern human settlements isn’t just because of learned adaptive behaviours. There are theories that urban squirrels are passing along genetic traits to the next generation of squirrels, fortifying their behaviour. This is what some are calling “evolution in real time.” Keep this in mind when considering whether or not you need professional wildlife animal removal services for your squirrel problem.

Problems With Urban Squirrels? Call The Experts At Skedaddle 

Skedaddle is a wildlife removal company that focuses on using humane and long-lasting techniques to rid homeowners of various pest invaders, including urban squirrels. Thanks to the services of Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control, thousands homeowners to date are free from unwanted critters in their homes and properties. Skedaddle knows how to remove squirrels humanely and effectively, thanks to its proven three-step wildlife animal removal process that includes:

  • Assessing & Removing
  • Clearing & Cleaning
  • Preventing & Protecting

Call Skedaddle today and ensure your home remains squirrel-free for years to come.

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