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Why Bird Control is Not Pest Control

When most people think of the pest control they very often consider harmful chemicals, sprays and traps to be the tools of the trade. The truth is that most pest issues and especially those involving birds usually can’t be solved with a quick fix. Effective and long-lasting bird control usually requires careful planning, proper safety and specialized tools and techniques. In this article we’ll discuss some of the more important details that separate pest control from bird control.

Bird netting installed to prevent birds from roosting below an overhang

What is Pest Control?

Broadly speaking, pest control is often defined as the management of nuisance insects and wildlife but it’s how that management is performed that really matters for clients. The approach you’d take to deal with ants in the kitchen looks nothing like what’s required to solve a pigeon problem on a commercial building.

Most pest control companies are well suited and trained to handle insect infestations in and around homes and businesses where they rely on the application of pesticides. Effective bird control on the other hand more often than not involves the installation of physical barriers to prevent nuisance birds from roosting and nesting in places they shouldn’t. In this way, bird control is best performed by companies who specialize in wildlife exclusion techniques.

Pest control differs from bird control in three major ways:

  • Different tools and materials
  • Different working environments
  • Different results

Wire can be installed to prevent pigeons from roosting on ledges and soiling buildings with their droppings

Tools and Materials

Whether you have a family of starlings nesting in an exhaust vent or sparrows roosting under an overhang the long term solution involves preventing their return. In most cases, there are no chemical or pesticide solutions. The birds need to be removed humanely and physical barrier like netting, spike or mesh installed to prevent their return. In these cases the work being performed looks alot more like construction than it does pest control. Your average pest control technician who spends their day spraying for ants and checking rodent traps doesn’t normally have alot of experience in this area.

The Working Environment

Pest control companies specialize in exterminating insects, and other pests, which can also extend to certain species of rodents that could carry diseases. As a result, pest control companies focus most of their attention and work  at ground level. Bird control specialists are highly trained and nearly always perform work at heights due to the nature of birds. Bird Control requires extensive working at heights training and companies like Skedaddle have the experienced staff to handle challenging and high risk jobs.

Booms and lifts are frequently required in bird control projects

Different Results

As with any service, it’s important for the service provider and client to be on the same page when it comes to expected results. Most pest control programs for rodents and insects require ongoing and continual maintenance to keep populations at bay. Pesticides ware off and need to be reapplied and baits need topping up. With bird control, the barriers installed to keep birds are out are designed to provide protection for years after they’re installed.

Skedaddle’s Unique Approach

Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control is a company that has more than three decades of experience dealing with all sorts of pests and wildlife invaders. More times that one can count, Skedaddle was called to the rescue in bird infestation situations. In response, the company formulated a three-step process that focuses on the specifics of wild birds while at the same time providing the renowned reliability and effectiveness of its services.

The end result is a strategy that allows Skedaddle to humanely solve any wildlife invasion problem irrespective of the whether the culprit has wings or paws. This is what makes Skedaddle the perfect choice for both wild birds and animal infestations as such adaptability allows for much greater convenience, as opposed to having to call two separate companies to take care of two separate infestation problems.

Need a Professional Wildlife Control Specialist? Get in Touch with Skedaddle

In addition to providing effective and reliable wildlife control services, Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control also takes great care of the environment and applies only the most humane removal and exclusion methods developed in-house. No chemicals or extermination strategies are used by Skedaddle. The company also provides cleaning, sanitization and proofing services for homeowners in order to prevent future intrusions, offering a lifetime guarantee on the materials used for the proofing. Having helped over 200,000 homeowners to date, Skedaddle is THE choice for humane wildlife control.

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