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How Bats Spread Rabies without an Obvious Bite

Rabies is a deadly disease known to be carried by several creatures, including bats. Common information known about rabies is that it can be caught when bitten by a bat that is infected. However, rabies can also be spread in … Continue reading

Natural Squirrel Repellents: How Effective are they?

Squirrels are feisty creatures that we often see scampering across the road or up into trees in our yard. While squirrels tend to keep to themselves they can become a nuisance. Often times, squirrels will disrupt bird feeders and gain … Continue reading

Top 3 Questions to ask a Mouse Removal Company in Mississauga

When it comes to mouse removal in Mississauga, you want to choose a company that is reliable, experienced and gets the job done. But how do you know you are choosing the right mouse removal company? There are questions you … Continue reading

No, You Can’t get rid of Skunks using ammonia

Skunks are known to be problematic. Not only will skunks dig shallow holes in your yard as they search for food, they will also dig in gardens, root through garbage and burrow under your home. Skunks can create quite the … Continue reading

Why You Need to Take Skunk Control Seriously

Skunks are a nocturnal creature that are easily distinguished by their black colouring with a white striping down the back. Humans are usually afraid of skunks, not due to their aggressive behaviour, but their smell. No one wants to be … Continue reading