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Humane Animal Control: Birds Making Oshawa their Home

They are light and airy, and when they fly around they provide people around the world with so much entertainment. But there is a flip side to flocks of birds dwelling in settings that are also occupied by people. Oshawa is no stranger to negative bird issues as the regions natural environment makes it a great location for birds to live. Many of the animal control issues that emerge in Oshawa are bird related.


Birds – The Unpleasant Side


Flocks of birds can cause problems for Oshawa residents. Accumulated bird droppings lead to deterioration in buildings and other structures. It also harbours diseases that can affect people. Birds, like many other wildlife species, carry diseases that may be harmless to them but dangerous for others. When birds nest in or on buildings, the fire hazard increases as the nests are highly flammable.

Why We Need Birds


Apart from providing bird watchers with captivating shows, birds offer us a lot. They help to keep the insect population in check by feeding on them. Many pesky bugs are kept from damaging plants and invading homes because birds keep their numbers at an acceptable level. In appreciating the value of birds in the natural world, we should do all that is in our power to ensure their survival.

Oshawa’s Newest Avian Residents


Oshawa’s bird watchers have been noticing an exciting phenomenon in the last few years. New species of birds have been moving into the region and settling there. It’s a rare occurrence that scientists assert happen once every decade. The move is reportedly inspired by a shortage of owl food (mice, voles, and shrews) in the north where the owls habitually spend their winters. Oshawa residents can expect the variety represented in their bird sightings to increase this winter as more owls arrive to feed on the region’s rodent population.

Other species of birds have also made their way into the region. Mourning doves and cardinals have been moving into the areas as are varying breeds of woodpeckers, sharp-shinned hawks and white-breasted nuthatches. The resulting change in the makeup of the region’s aviary population is simply breathtaking for fans of birds.

How to React to Birds


Even if birds make your life in Oshawa difficult, there is no need to harm them. The best way to handle a bird nuisance is the humane approach. If you happen to find a bird or two nesting in your chimney or attic, you should not try to remove them yourself. DIY bird removal has many pitfalls. Chief among them is the exposure of baby birds to danger if the adult birds are killed or scared away and they are left defenseless and vulnerable. If you attempt to tackle bird invasions yourself you may also be exposing yourself to one of the many ailments associated with bird (usually contracted through contact with fleas, waste matter and other biological bird remains.

Resolving Bird Issues – The Expert Way



Skedaddle offers a thorough and effective animal control service in Oshawa which, of course, includes birds. The service begins with the assess and remove the segment, during which the technician examines the space and determine how to tackle the invasion situation. The assessment will provide the technician with the information needed to start removing the birds using time tested humane techniques. One of these humane techniques is the installation of one-way doors that allow birds to leave but prevent them from returning. This is followed by a clear and clean segment which includes the removal of bacteria carrying organic matter left behind by the birds. Protect and prevent is the next segment which includes capping access points to ensure that birds do not return. These prevention services are guaranteed for life, so you know your home is safe from birds for years to come.

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