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Slightly Overlooked, but Wildly Interesting

A prominent centre for entertainment and sports events, Oshawa is a city that sits on the shore of Lake Ontario and is so much more than just a mere Toronto suburb. In addition to incorporating countless trails and parks, Oshawa is extremely rich in culture and makes for an equally great place to live and tourist location to visit. Unfortunately, Oshawa is often missed as not many tourists go much further than Toronto. If you are looking for a laidback place to enjoy, this town has much to offer.

The Canadian Automotive Museum is a very popular place to visit. If you’re into cars and would like to explore some interesting specimens, including Canadian-made ones, this is the place to be. Filled with cars that date back to 1902, this is a 2,300-square meter museum housed in what used to be a local dealership. Another thing you could try is to wander around the Parkwood estate, which was once the residence of the founder of General Motors of Canada. It boasts no less than 55 rooms and a stunning garden often used for photo shoots and weddings.

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What Experiences Does Oshawa Offer?

For those who are fond of art, the Robert McLaughlin Gallery that’s home to modern Canadian art might be the best choice. Featuring works and opened by a group of abstract artists known as Painters Eleven, it allows you to gaze upon and admire more than 4,500 works in the gallery’s collection, which include sculptures, prints and paintings. Oshawa has also gained significance recently as a food city thanks to many emerging chefs creating their restaurants and signature dishes at virtually every corner. Food can be enjoyed all over the city, though you’ll typically find most options downtown. Choose between a fine-dining experience or live music and everything from Southern BBQ and healthy eats to international cuisines.

The city of Oshawa is typically more on the laidback and less on the bustling side, but that makes it ideal for many wildlife species to seek residence in homes and various businesses. Roaming the area is their preferred activity of choice and wildlife has really gone into the more urban areas in recent years. It has succeeded in thriving thanks to taking up residency within attics crawl spaces and other areas of people’s homes. Native wildlife species in the Oshawa area include squirrels, skunks, brown bats and raccoons, so don’t be surprised to encounter either of these.

Need Wildlife Control Services in Oshawa? Call Skedaddle

If you do find yourself in a situation where you have unwanted wildlife visitors in your home or business, remember to call in the professionals at Skedaddle. Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control has been in the humane wildlife removal business for more than two decades and has had in excess of 200,000 successful interventions to date. A humane approach is crucial in such situations and Skedaddle’s technicians specialize in removing both adult and baby invaders with a hands-on method to ensure their safety. Skedaddle also takes care of sanitization and future-proofing services, which means your home or business will never again be plagued by unwanted wildlife. If you’re suffering from an Oshawa pest control problem, reach out to Skedaddle’s local office for professional help.

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Andre Neveu, May 9, 2018

Andrew and his crew were a pleasure to deal with from start to finish. They provided excellent fast service and some great advice along the way. Best part of all is the piece of mind knowing they backed up there workmanship with a lifetime warranty!