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Houston Wildlife Control: Discovering Beauty of Backyard Squirrels


Despite the havoc that they can wreak if they get inside your building, squirrels are entertaining to watch, aren’t they? Don’t they just whittle away at your fears of internal property damage as they wow you with their cuteness and their animated behavior? It is no wonder that many property owners are conflicted when it comes to squirrels. On one hand, they simply adore the furry little foragers and enjoy watching them scurry about the outdoors. On the other hand, once squirrels are around, they worry that they’ll get inside and inflict costly damage to the building and its contents. For people like these, humane wildlife control services offer the ideal solution.

Why Squirrels Are Great Entertainers


With squirrels scurrying around outside, you won’t be short of entertainment. They will make you laugh with their various antics. These antics range from scurrying speedily into the heights of trees or to scampering around and pausing to detect They will inspire curiosity as they sometimes engage in odd behavior making you wonder just what is going on inside their heads. If you live in or where precious items like nuts can be found.

Undoubtedly, a great way to relax is to sit in your backyard and watch squirrels in their natural element. Around Houston, the squirrel you are most likely to see is the fox squirrel. Anyone who has ever watched squirrels foraging and hide nuts and seeds will admit that it is quite a joy to watch them. The shifty sideways glances of a squirrel that is clutching its precious gem (an acorn) indicate that the squirrel may be wary of watchful eyes and wanting to stash away its jewel in secret.

If insects give you the creeps, then you’ll love having squirrels around as they feast on these protein-rich food items especially in the summer. They also eat seeds and fruits and so if you have these around they may pay you a visit. If your outdoor space is adorned with greenery (trees and shrubs), the squirrels are also likely to be attracted to it due to its strong resemblance to their natural habitat.

Why Choose Humane Squirrel Control


Once you start to appreciate these animals, you will also understand the importance of using safe methods to keep them out of your home. After falling in love with squirrels you won’t want to hurt a single strand of fur much less the entire animals. This means you will always opt for the humane method of control, as you should. The humane approach to wildlife control is usually safer, not just for the animals but also for other animals (such as your pets) and people who also use the space.

If you want to enjoy the entertainment that squirrels provide in your backyard, without having to worry about possible squirrel invasion of your building, then Skedaddle Houston has the solution you seek. Skedaddle’s humane wildlife services include squirrel removal and exclusion. If squirrels get inside we can remove them without using harsh or dangerous tools and strategies. We can install barrier technology that will keep squirrels out of your home (this is a good service to use after the removal process is complete by the way). Our wildlife removal and exclusion strategies are effective
yet gentle. As a result, you can rest assured that in engaging our wildlife technicians, you are not flouting any of the state’s wildlife management regulations.

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About the author:Bill is the owner and operator of Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control – Houston. Graduating from Sam Houston State University, he spent most of the next years in residential property development, building, running subdivisions and mobile home parks.

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