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Getting Rid of Mice from the HVAC System in Your Oshawa Home

If you have noticed signs of a mouse presence (droppings, torn and tattered material, sounds of scurrying little feet) you can rest assured that your Oshawa home is by no means the first to be invaded by these tiny rodents. Mice have stamped their impact on mankind throughout the years as they have plagued householders and business managers for centuries. But there is no need to panic as Oshawa animal control experts stand ready with the solution you need.

Mice are experts at seeking different entry points to your home.


If your HVAC system has not been maintained in a while it is likely to have places through which mice can enter. Then it becomes more than just a potential home. It becomes a network of highways giving mice access to different parts of the building. What’s worse is that these little rodents are so sneaky that by the time you recognize the signs of mice, the problem could have already become a major infestation.

Serious Consequences

Mice carcasses, feces and urine in the HVAC system can fill your home with a very unpleasant smell. But even worse, they are perfect breeding ground for diseases. Through these tiny, timid and secretive critters, numerous viruses and bacteria find their way into spaces used by human beings.

In fact, rats and mice are known transmitters of over 35 different diseases and viruses. Chief among them is Leptospirosis, which gets transmitted when people consume food that has been contaminated by the rodents’ urine.

The presence of mice also puts your family at risk for contracting Murine Typhus, a type of Typhus fever that is spread by bites from fleas that live on the bodies of mice.  Naturally, your first thought at the suspicion of a rodent infestation is that these critters need to go. But what is the best approach?

Cables, vents, and weep holes are some the ways mice will enter your home.

Solving the Problem

Getting rid of mice from your HVAC system will definitely require expert assistance. You don’t want to damage your system by using the wrong tools and methods. Another risk that you take on when you try to eliminate mice from the home by yourself is an incomplete job. DIY methods tend to be temporary and often insufficient in solving mice infestation problems.

Additionally, novice attempts may exacerbate the spread of harmful bacteria and viruses instead of controlling them. When faced with mice or any other infestation in your HVAC system, what you need is a team of well-trained, experienced animal control experts to tackle the job. Oshawa animal control teams like Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control will apply long-term solutions to your pest invasion problems.

At Skedaddle, these solutions begin with a thorough assessment to determine the extent and nature of the infestation. The team will then get to work, using specially designed tools and strategies to remove all pests and their associated messes (droppings, carcasses, nesting etc) from your home. This is followed by the installation of devices and material that will discourage and prevent mice or other rodents from making their way back into your home. These include covering vents with mesh that make entrance impossible for mice and sealing any breaches in the ducts. Our proven exclusion methods ensure that your family and home are protected for years to come.


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