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Natural Squirrel Repellents: How Effective are they?

Squirrels are feisty creatures that we often see scampering across the road or up into trees in our yard. While squirrels tend to keep to themselves they can become a nuisance. Often times, squirrels will disrupt bird feeders and gain entry into the home which leads to a mess of chewed wood, urine and feces throughout your home. Squirrels can take up residence inside the attic of your home as this area is easily accessible due to surrounding tree limbs. If you have found the creature living in your home, it is time to get rid of squirrels by using a method that is proven to work.

Squirrel chewing and entry through a rubber plumbing stack collar

Are Squirrel Repellents an Option?

For most people, their first reaction to getting rid of an annoying pest is looking for a repellent. There are squirrel repellents available for purchase as well as options you can make at home. And while squirrel repellents can work in the short term, you need a long term solution in order to not be pestered by pesky squirrels in your neighborhood.

Squirrels chew plastic roof vents to access and live inside the attic below

Squirrel repellent acts as a pepper spray of sorts. It irritates the squirrel and they move on to another home. However, over time the squirrels come back or you are visited by new squirrels to the neighborhood. You need another solution that will work best for removing the squirrels from your area.

Wildlife Removal Services

The best way to get rid of a squirrel problem is to have the creatures removed from your home. To do this, you will require the services of a professional. A wildlife expert will be able to assess your home and determine where squirrels are entering or visiting. Once detected, the technician will place one way traps in order to catch the squirrels in a humane manner. Once caught, the traps will be removed and the squirrels transported to a new area far away from your property.

Once the technician has removed the squirrels, you will then be able to clean up the area where the squirrel was living. In an attic, insulation may need to be replaced and wood cleaned in order to remove signs of urine and feces. Methods will also be taken to ensure that squirrels cannot access your home in the future. This can include placing screening over openings where squirrels could gain entry into your home and cutting back tree limbs for less access to the roofline.

Squirrels can carry disease and can even be rabid, so it is important that you leave the removal of such creatures to the experts. This way, you can avoid being bitten or even harming the animal as you try to remove it yourself.

At Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control we are prepared to help you with all your squirrel removal needs. Let our experts evaluate your home and devise a plan that will see the squirrels quickly removed and your home back to normal in no time. We are well-equipped and ready to provide service at a moment’s notice. Contact our office today to schedule an appointment.

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