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How to Avoid Squirrels Nesting in Your Car

Don’t be surprised if you happen to find a squirrel nesting in your car engine. While not common, this  situation does happen, and can be harmful to the squirrels and your vehicle. This happens when a mother squirrel tries to find a nice hidden spot for her babies. It is obviously not a safe spot for these animals and the process of removing them humanely can be challenging. Mothers can often abandon baby squirrels when they are too frightened or when they find them in a different location. So, moving the babies isn’t a good idea.  Skedaddle Bowmanville squirrel removal experts have  a couple of tips and tricks that will make the squirrel leave the engine with her babies. Read on to find out exactly what to do when you notice squirrels in your car.

Leaving the Hood Open

The simplest way of making the squirrels leave is to just open the hood and wait. Squirrels prefer safe nesting sites and since they wouldn’t be tucked away under the hood anymore, the mother will probably relocate her babies. She won’t feel safe leaving the babies out in the open and the noise from the outside will be unpleasant to them as well. If the squirrels are still there after a day or two, it’s time to try another technique. Try putting a bright flashlight under the hood but make sure it is fire-safe. Squirrels don’t like to be exposed to light in their homes so they’ll probably leave. Another thing you can do is to play a sound of people talking or just turn on a radio. Since squirrels are scared of humans, they’ll be scared of the voices too.

As a rule of thumb, always perform a 360 degree check around your car before driving.

Don’t Try to Trap or Relocate the Squirrels

It is very important not to try to relocate or trap the baby squirrels by yourself. Even when you try to move the mother with her babies, it is very likely that she will abandon them. If you relocate the mother you’ll leave the babies orphaned. So, moving them together or separating them is definitely not advisable. Even when you find them in your car, remember that it is best to try the techniques to make them leave on their own.

When you find baby squirrels under your hood, in the attic or anywhere around your home, it is best to call an expert wildlife technician. Contact Skedaddle for any kind of situation when a wild animal makes itself comfortable in your home or vehicle. We’ll make sure to remove the animal in a humane way and leave your place undamaged. Wild animals are particularly attracted to nesting in people’s homes in Bowmanville. Hundreds of calls are received about squirrels in cars and attics. Squirrel removal is not a big deal for Skedaddle’s experienced professionals who use special techniques and equipment in order to remove the animals quickly, safely and with the utmost care for their safety. If you have the same kind of intruders at your home, call Skedaddle and our trained professionals will do a great job of removing the animal and leaving the place spotless.

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